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| Mark James

What Games Can You Play Indoor and Outdoor?

With the summer sun sharing its boredom busting beams with us all, there is no better time to take advantage of the month of Staycations. Local travel is all the rage and the British Isles is a hot-spot of outdoor adventure. Sadly, as any true Brit knows, the sun can be a fleeting visitor at best. So, join Jaques of London, as we keep family fun time at the top of summer priorities, no matter the weather, and ask, 'What...

| Mark James

Why is Outdoor Play Important in Early Childhood?

The great outdoors is a natural wonderland of play and adventure for inquisitive infants. With lockdown huffing and puffing us behind brick walls for the past year, our kids have never been more excited about the opportunity to get out and about. But there is so much more to playing outside than defying pandemic parameters. So, join Jaques of London, as we look forward to the summer sun and ask, why is outdoor play important in early childhood?

| Mark James

How Does Outdoor Play Benefit Children's Health?

With Spring reminding us all how glorious the sun is, getting our kids to play outdoors is at the top of parental plans. Of course, there is more to outside play than muddy knees and buzzing bees. Join Jaques of London, as we ask, How Does Outdoor Play Benefit Children’s Health?

| Mark James

What are the Best Blocks for Toddlers?

The best building blocks should stand on solid ground. At Jaques, we believe that learning and play come together to create the perfect foundations for a brighter future. So, let's take an architectural overview of what are the best blocks for toddlers.

| Mark James

What Are The Best Toys For 2-Year Olds?

Explore some of our absolute favourite and best toys for toddlers, which will help your kids to get a head start on their educational journey. All of our educational toys and games are approved by UK teachers, and makes learning fun!

| Ellis Fordery

How can we help wildlife at home?

Celebrate World Wildlife Day with us. Get the kids involved with helping to care and sustain the wildlife around them, and also encourage them to get outside and play. Our outdoor toys and games here at Jaques are made sustainably with the environment in mind.

| Amber Gravenell

Let's Get Active: Exercise Inspiration for Kids

Whilst adapting to home schooling, remote working and general lockdown life, it can be difficult to make time for exercise. It is vital that children remain active. Take a look to find out why it is so important to keep our little ones moving and for activity inspiration.

| Kate Luke

Jaques 225th - Clever Kids

Children of school age will learn that a 'force' is a push or a pull and that include Earth's gravity! It’s key for kids to understand how the world works around them. After all, gravity is the pulling force acting between the Earth and any other object, like with our Drop & Race Car Toy. This educational toy will provide them with hours of play and teach them these fundamental principles of the universe.

| Kate Luke

Top Toys Christmas 2020

This definitive list premieres the top ten toys for Christmas 2020! Let’s jump straight in, so that you can get a head start on the Christmas shopping rush! Shop with Jaques of London and your fabulous gift comes all wrapped up for Christmas. We deliver from the UK and our customer services team is always on hand to help with any queries you may have!