What are the Best Blocks for Toddlers?

What are the Best Blocks for Toddlers?


The best building blocks should stand on solid ground. At Jaques, we believe that learning and play come together to create the perfect foundations for a brighter future. So, let's take an architectural overview of what are the best blocks for toddlers.



The Best Toddler Block Sets


Building Blocks for Kids - Wooden Stacking Blocks

A bad workman blames his tools. Fortunately, with this huge building block bundle, your baby builders will be afforded the broadest selections of shapes, sizes and colours – perfect for crafting the prettiest palaces and coolest castles.


Let's Learn Discovery Blocks

This sensory block set is ideal invigoration for little learners. A specifically catered autism toy, the Let's Learn Discovery Blocks are a sensation for the senses, with a special focus upon calming young children, by stimulating intriguing experiences with sight, sound and touch.


Tumble Tower Game - Wooden Animal Blocks & Dice

What goes up, must come down. But rarely can so much fun be had. Our Jenga Tumble Tower is sky high with excitement, encouraging collaborative play in children, whilst inviting them to discover patterns, colours and organisational skills. Better yet, these visually stunning wooden blocks are still one of the best toddler block sets for solo builds.


ABC - 123 Wooden Blocks

A wonderful Montessori Toys  design, toddlers are free to discover, learn and play, with the alphanumeric amazement of Jaques of London's ABC-123 Wooden Blocks. Ideal for nurturing nimble fingers, each beautifully illustrated block features a letter, symbol, or number. With letters learnt and digits defeated, you can begin to mix and match the blocks, forming letter and number combinations, making this one of the best toddler block sets to last for years to come.


Let's Play Magnetic Crane Truck

Even the best of little labourers need help with the big build. So, what better way to compliment construction, than with Jaques Wooden Block Transport Crane. Retaining the same visual engagement as all of the best toddler block sets, the Magnetic Crane Truck will lift imaginations upwards - encouraging creative thinking, whilst engaging in physical play.


Wooden Shape Sorter - Sorting Cube for Toddlers

Why stack when you can sort? The Wooden Shape Sorter is a sorting cube for children, with vivid colours and physically engaging shapes utilised to achieve total engagement from all cubing contenders. Fitting blocks into place helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And of course, who can ignore the magic feature - This is one wooden toy that tidies itself away the more your children play. The best building blocks for toddlers, may also be the best choice for parents too.


Rainbow Building Blocks - 3 in 1 Wooden Toy

Whilst doubling up as a beautiful building block set, this brightly designed tumble tower is a wonderful way to get the entire family involved in your toddler's construction craze. With blocks presented in 6 distinct colours, this set can also be used for creating spectacular shape designs. Whether unleashing aspiring artists or cheeky crafters, youngsters will revel in the wide range of sensory benefits this teaching tower has in store.





At Jaques, we know that blocks are far more than fun in a cube. Finding the best building blocks for toddlers is about giving them as many learning opportunities as possible. Through sensory engagement, imagination and discovery, your child will have the building blocks for every wonderfully constructive year ahead.

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