Why Choose Us? 

It’s in our roots to build towards a safe tomorrow for the children of today. We are not only committed to the growth and development of all children but also the world around them. Which is why, when you buy from Jaques of London, you can always be confident that our products tick all the boxes.

Our chief objective is to nurture the minds of your little ones, developing their education through fun. But we are equally passionate about developing the world around them so that the playground of nature remains for generations to come. 

Materials Matter 

We are forever committed to providing the best toys possible for your little learners.

Our vision is to have a positive effect with every product we sell whether it be to bring a smile to a child or a tree to our forests. The wood harvested to bring your favourite games to life exclusively comes from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.  

Play for the Planet 

Each order you make goes towards planting trees all over the globe. We have partnered with Ecologi in our ‘Play for the Planet’ initiative in which we have pledged to replace all the wood we use to craft our timeless toys and games.  

We estimate that you will help us plant over 4,000 trees this year alone. That’s 1,040,000 pounds of oxygen produced thanks to you.  

Plus, in 2024, we partnered with Planet to help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and conserve natural resources. All of these steps have been taken with our customers and our own families in mind. We, as a company, are in the business of joy and we feel that in order to keep the world smiling we must do our bit to protect it!

Thank you for helping us to ‘Play for the Planet’ and feel free to contribute to our planting initiative HERE