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Download & Print Urban Planter

Urban Planter

Become a sustainable superstar by repurposing our recyclable boxes to make your own planter box. Decorate your windowsills with organic homegrown fruit and veg or add a dash of colour to your homes with bright flowers!

Download & Print Summer Mocktail
| Ben Williamson

Summer Mocktail

Kickstart your summer with a thirst-quenching drink that's great for all the family.

Download & Print Bug Hunt Checklist
| Ben Williamson

Bug Hunt Checklist

Grab your Bug Hunting Kit and don your wellies, it's time to explore!

Download & Print DIY Paper Aeroplane
| Ben Williamson

DIY Paper Aeroplane

Download and print our Mini Minds Hub free DIY paper aeroplane activity. Hours of fun, suitable for ages 2+.

Download & Print Father's Day Card
| Ben Williamson

Father's Day Card

Make your Dad the happiest this Father's Day by making your very own Father's Day card. Show your appreciation the right way. Suitable activity for 2+ ages.

Download & Print Colour In Flower Dominoes
| Ben Williamson

Colour In Flower Dominoes

Create your own flower dominoes with our free Mini Minds Hub resource. Download and print, with easy to follow step by step guide. Suitable for 3+ years and is great for boosting fine motor skills.

Download & Print DIY - Make Your Own Kite
| Ben Williamson

DIY - Make Your Own Kite

Download and print our free Mini Minds Hub resource to creating your very own kite. Suitable for 3+ years and great for getting your child outside and ensuring screen-free fun!

Download & Print Nature Hunt
| Ben Williamson

Nature Hunt

Spend quality time together as a family outside exploring. Download and print our free Mini Minds Hub Nature Hunt resource, suitable for 4+ years.