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Human Body Activity - Early Years Foundation Stage

Cut out each word, match it and stick it to the correct body part.

Five Senses Activity - Key stage 1

Cut out the individual puzzle pieces, mix them up and piece together the five individual puzzles

Tell The Time Activity - Key Stage 2

Draw the Digital Half Times onto the clocks. Hour = short hand, Minute = long hand.  

Time Matching Activity - Key Stage 1

Match the Digital times in the middle to the times on the clocks.

UK Flags Activity - Key Stage 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct country and capital city for each flag from the word bank below.

Transport Activity - Key Stage 1

Cut out the vehicles on page 2 and stick them on to the correct transportation in the scene on page 1.

Science Game - Early Years Foundation Stage

Match the adult animals to the baby animals. You can draw lines or cut them out!

Material Match Up - Key Stage 1

Decide if each material is a solid, a liquid or a gas. Draw lines from each object to the correct circle.

Numbers to 100 - Key Stage 1

Fill in the missing numbers on the 100 square. Then, colour the even numbers in blue and colour the odd numbers in pink.