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Mini Beasts Hunt - Early Years Foundation Stage

Fill in the boxes with how many of these mini beasts you find on your daily walk?

Label the Knight - Key Stage 1

Cut out each word, match it and stick it to the correct part of the knight.

Circle the Living Things - Early Years Foundation Stage

Which of these things are alive!? Draw a circle around the things that are alive.

Supermarket Shopping - Key Stage 1

Cut out the coins you need to buy each item of food and place them in the coloured boxes.

3 Letter Wordsearch - Key Stage 1

Find all of the 3 letter words highlighted at the bottom of the page! Circle them or colour them in when you find them!

Alphabet Sequencing - Early Years Foundation Stage

Cut out the letters or write them down and place them in alphabetical order.

Draw the Word - Key Stage 1

In the boxes, draw a picture of the words. This will check your child understands the meaning of a range of words.

My Hero Writing Task - Key Stage 1

Use this template to get your little ones writing!  Instructions: - Draw a picture of your hero in the box. - Use the word bank to help you to write some sentences describing your hero!

Fill in the Story - Key Stage 1

Read through the story and fill in the gaps to make the story your own!