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Place Value Activity - Key Stage 2

Use this place value chart to help you answer the questions below. Choose one sheet of questions to complete. You will need to add, subtract, divide, multiply and order numbers!

Letter Matching - Key Stage 1

Match the capital letters to the correct lowercase letters.

Recycling Game - Key Stage 1

Match the rubbish to the correct recycling bin.

Number Bonds - Key Stage 1

For each question, count the number of objects pictured then work out how much you need to add to get to 10 or 20.

Human Body Activity - Early Years Foundation Stage

Cut out each word, match it and stick it to the correct body part.

Five Senses Activity - Key stage 1

Cut out the individual puzzle pieces, mix them up and piece together the five individual puzzles

Tell The Time Activity - Key Stage 2

Draw the Digital Times onto the clocks. Hour = short hand, Minute = long hand.  

Time Matching Activity - Key Stage 1

Match the Digital times in the middle to the times on the clocks.

UK Flags Activity - Key Stage 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct country and capital city for each flag from the word bank below.