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My Family Tree

Combine Crafts and History. Learn of Your Families Past by Creating your Very Own Family Tree.

Sudoku - Key Stage 2

Solve the Sudoku Puzzle for a magical journey through mathematics. Download your FREE Learning Resource Today!

Plant Life Cycle - Key Stage 1

Learn about the vital stages of our favourite floral displays, as we discover the lifecycles of plants.

Silly Sentences - Key Stage 1

Get silly with wordplay, as we group verbs, nouns and adjectives for endless literary laughs and language learning.

Dinosaur Colour By Number

Colour the dinosaurs using the number code and bring colour to the Cretaceous and joy to the Jurassic.

Snakes & Ladders Maths Game

Climb the ladder or slither the snake, with a maths learning resource to make Mathe-magicians hiss for joy.

Princess Place Value

Learning resource to print and download for FREE. For children to learn and practise their place value maths skills.

Learn Musical Instruments

Draw a line to connect all the musical instruments to the note in the middle. Make Musical Magic Now!

Moon Tracking Diary

Get to know the magic of the night sky, as we track the fascinating motion of the moon and how it effects the Earth.