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| Mark James

What Are the Rules of Chess?

Knowing the rules of chess is essential if you want to pick off the pawns, knock the knights from their diagonal steeds and conquer the King. Join Jaques of London, as we bring the king of games to kids and newbies alike, with the ultimate starter guide to the basic chess rules.  

| Mark James

How Can I Get My Child to Recycle?

As we all know, recycling is important because, without it, our planet would suffer greatly. So, join Jaques of London, as we sort our plastic from our paper, build our compost sky high and ask, How Can I Get My Child to Recycle?

| Mark James

Who Invented Croquet?

When it comes to asking, “Who invented croquet?”, there are almost as many potential answers as there are players. So, join us, as we share some playful pride and discuss how the game of croquet became permanently linked to the name of Jaques of London.

| Mark James

How Do I Keep My Child Entertained in the Summer?

The summer holidays fall between 22nd July and 3rd September this year, meaning that idle-handed children are soon to be running wild in your usually tranquil homestead, So, join us, as we look at 40 fantastic ways to keep kids busy throughout the summer months.

| Mark James

Who Invented Ping Pong?

Who invented Ping Pong? Was it a form of tennis for the vertically challenged or those desperate to avoid the sun? Well, let Jaques of London fill you in on a little secret; it was us that created ping pong. Click to learn more.

| Mark James

What is the Best Age to Start Tennis Lessons for Kids?

Join Jaques of London as we look to turn mini Henmans into centre court conquering Federers, and ask, ‘What is the Best Age to Start Tennis Lessons for Kids?’  

| Mark James

Who Invented Wimbledon?

Who invented Wimbledon? No, it wasn’t the wombles. When we speak of Wimbledon, we all know that rip-roaring rallies and super smashes lay ahead. But how exactly did the legendary tennis tournament declare game, set and match, and become the world’s most important location for hitting unstoppable aces? Join Jaques of London, as we give a nod to our own legacy and ask, who invented Wimbledon?

| Mark James

How Can I Help My Child to Write Creatively?

When it comes to improving your child’s creative writing, there is nothing like sitting them down with pen and paper in hand for a journey of self-expression and literary learning. So, join us, as we prepare for a month of writing revelry with 30 days of creative writing challenges for kids.

| Mark James

Wimbledon 2021 Quiz

With the umpires preparing the courts and overhand smashes sending the ball spinning into sight, it’s time to send fun into an endless rally. So, join us on the grass, get match ready, and show off your tennis prowess, with the Jaques of London Wimbledon Quiz!