How Do I Keep My Child Entertained in the Summer?

When school is out for summer, our children suddenly have a lot of spare time on their hands. You could be forgiven for asking the obvious, just how do I keep my child entertained in the summer? Fortunately, Jaques of London are here with a list of ways to beat the boredom, defeat the downpours and make sure that every day has the sun flying high in the sky (even if he is hiding behind cloud).

Join us, as we look at 40 fantastic ways to keep kids busy throughout the summer months.


40 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained this Summer!


Fun Things to Do Inside in the Summer Holidays

  1. Summer Homework – Sure, it may not be the most exciting way to start our list of leisure. But when it comes to schoolwork, it’s always better to get it out of the way early. So, make the introduction to the holiday months one of education – the elation will come later. Of course, if your child was fortunate enough to leave the work at school, our Mini Minds Hub is bursting with fun learning activities for kids of all ages.

  2. Lazy Day In – Not every day has to be filled with excitement from dawn till dusk. Once their schoolwork is finished, why not let your child engage in a day of luxurious laziness. We assure you, there are plenty more summer activities awaiting to justify the rest.

  3. Cinema – Pick up your popcorn for a flashlight guided journey to your film of choice.

  4. Bake – Now that your baking buddy is home for the summer, there has never been a better opportunity to fill the home with the intoxicating aromas of freshly cooked breads and sweet tooth teasing treats.

  5. Prepare Dinner Together – They say too many cooks spoil the broth. But everyone needs their sous, so bring the kids together and prep a family meal to make fancy restaurants a thing of the past.

  6. Pleasure in Puzzles – What better way to make the summer fun come together, than by collecting up your jigs and crafting your own beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle image? Missing a piece? Our suggestion is to check behind the couch.

  7. Make your Own Slushies – Cool down during the hot (hopefully) summer days, with your very own homemade slushies. What an ice way to keep children entertained throughout the summer holidays. Why not check out our cool Slushy Recipe for more details.

  8. Throw a Party – No summer holiday would be complete without a hat wearing, cake devouring party to keep the kids happy and entertained. Get your conga line ready to make their way over to our blog page for all the best games to play at a kid’s party.

  9. Movie Marathon – Some days, the TV is a godsend. When the rain is falling and dark clouds are forming in the sky, why not take a trip through Mordor or enrol in a magical summer school with Harry and friends?

  10. Write a Postcard to Grandparents – With so much fun on offer, lets add some literary learning to your child’s summer activities and let the family know about all you have been doing during the school break.

  11. Learn an instrument – Whether piping on the recorder or plucking with guitar glory, learning an instrument is a wonderful way to bring music magic to summer. Mini Musicians are sure to revel in the tuneful tantalisation of our musical bench for children.

  12. Read a Book – Follow up on your writing revelry by freeing your newly found creative juices onto paper. Story writing is a wonderful way for children to enjoy the summer holidays and bask in the excitement of imagination. Get those imagination working overtime by getting fascinated by fiction.

  13. Summer Sleepover – What would the summer holidays be without seeing your best friends outside of the classroom? Pull on the PJs and get ready for games, with your own summer sleepover.

  14. Practise Mindfulness – Practising mindfulness has become increasingly important over recent years. Bring tranquillity to your child’s summer holiday and revel in relaxation. For some great mindfulness tips and techniques, read our blog post: How Can I Practice Mindfulness with my Child?

  15. Bring the Garden into the Home – If the failing summer sun is keeping garden glory well and truly locked behind patio doors, why not bring the beauty of nature inside? With our DIY Spring Jar Snow Globes, kids and adults alike are sure to bring floral fascination to the summer holidays.

  16. Camp Inside – Who said late night acoustic guitar sessions have to be performed under twinkling star skies? Bring the tent inside, dim the lights and get ready to tell camp-side tales late into the night.

  17. Paint Summer with a Stroke of Fun – Bring artisan excellence to the rainy days. If the sun has kept his own rays of colour hidden away for the day, why not spread your own and take the time to unleash your mini-Michelangelo? Looking for the perfect blank canvas to bring brightness to your day? Look no further than Jaques Art Easel for Kids – the ideal way to paint a smile on any child’s face during the summer holiday break.

  18. Perform Your Own Play – Roleplaying is a wonderful way to unleash children’s imaginations. So, while away the hours by bringing some Shakespearean sophistication into the home. Of course, this means plenty of dress up fun and backdrop design, so get roleplaying ready now!

  19. Family Board Games – When it comes to being a member of the Jaques family, board games are a crest of our proud lineage. As the inventors of many classic family titles, such as Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and appropriately enough, Happy Families, your family games day will be more joyous with Jaques of London.

  20. Start a Blog – Why not follow the Jaques of London lead and encourage your child to become the auteur of their very own blog? It is a wonderful way to practice writing, developing social skills and allowing creative talents to flourish.



Fun Things to Do Outside in the Summer Holidays


  1. Camping – A night under the stars is sure to illuminate the fun throughout your child’s summer holiday. The best summer holidays deserve late evenings that seem to last forever. Gift your child magical summer memories, with a tent, bundle of kindling, and ghost stories at the ready.

  2. Zoo – The best summer holidays with kids require animals. Make the summer holidays a roaring success. Your koalifications are irrelephant – a day at the zoo is guaranteed summer fun for the whole family. Of course, if a trip to the zoo is looking endangered, there are always plenty of magnificent animal games and toys on offer at Jaques of London.

  3. Theme Park – Keeping the kids busy during the summer holidays can be a rollercoaster ride. So, why not trade up for the real thing? Whether rolling the river rapids or cascading through a tornado of twists, no summer break would be quite the same without a day of daring excitement.

  4. Mini Golf – Forget taking chunks out of the fairway and spending the day digging your way out of the sand traps.

  5. Nature Spotting – With the summer temperatures always on the rise, Britain has never been more alive with the beauty of nature. So, get your binoculars in hand, hiking boots on feet, and prepare for a journey through the sights and sounds of our beautiful countryside. Learn more about how important animals are to our natural world with our Free Food Chains Activity Printout for Kids.

  6. Picnic – Pack your coolers, prep your snacks, and be sure to pack plenty of sunblock. Of course, for a genuinely British picnic, be sure to bring your teddy bears and chequered blanket. Worried about bugs biting away at your picnic treats? Luckily, Jaques have the answer, with the magical indestructability of our Play Food for kids.

  7. Make a Bug Farm – Summer is alive with the best flower blooming bugs. If you want to bring your own garden to life, a bug farm is the ideal way to make all creatures great and small work for you. It’s also a wonderful way to teach children the importance of our smallest garden companions. Along the way, why not tick off everything you see, with our Mini Beast Hunt Printout.

  8. Go to a Boot Sale – Clear out the attic and prepare to discover your own personal cobweb bound gems to make money for the many summer activities in our list.

  9. Bike Ride – Get every member of the family performing at their biped best, with a local bike ride made to blow away the lazy day cobwebs – be sure to stay safe on the roads. Read our blog for more must-know safety tips for kids.

  10. Bring Sports Day to Your Garden – What better way to enjoy the sun and bring PE class home, than by turning the back garden into your own sporting leisure land?

  11. Go Fruit Picking – A day out with a wonderfully sweet reward at the end. Fruit picking is a fantastic opportunity to discover Britain’s natural bounty and see why the sun is so important to man and fruit alike.

  12. Lemonade for the Locals – Endeavour in business and turn your boringly bitter lemon days into exciting lemonade. The school break is a great chance for kids to dabble in the dollar. So, bring cheers to your neighbours and the piggy bank all at once.

  13. Become a Scholar of Skipping – From solo skipping to jumping for joy with partner in hand, skipping is a cheap and cheerful way to have your rope rascals jumping for joy. Get your Skipping Rope today and make this summer holiday one you won’t want to skip out on.

  14. Bring Indoor Games Outdoors – Got the board game bug? But the sun is high in the sky and beckoning you to sit beneath its rays? Luckily, Jaques are giants of fun, whether in or out. So, take your own titanic strides in fun and bring Giant Games to your back garden.

  15. Get Wet! – Warning! You may get wet! But, don’t worry. There is no better way to cool off during the summer holidays than with a dousing dose of cooling water. So, why not turn it into a game. Whether bringing buoyancy to balloons or turning our water based Tin Can Alley game into a torrential downpour of wet wonder, make sure your kids enjoy the best summer holiday with a lesson in lubrication.

  16. Hot Air Balloon Ride – Tired of seeing the sky from below? Why not venture up, up, and hopefully not too far away, in your very own basket bound balloon ride?

  17. Take a London Bus Tour – The nation’s capital is alive with fun and games during the summer months. Whether getting prehistoric at the natural history museum, or taking a soothing south bank stroll, London is alive with the sights and sounds that make England so great! Get your kids into the city spirit with our Wooden London Bus toy.

  18. Park Play – No matter the generation, every kid revels in the swinging satisfaction of their local park. It’s not only a great way to get some summer holiday exercise, but a great chance for youngsters to interact with other children of their own age. This kind of social connection is very important to keep them prepared for the eventual return to school.

  19. Chalk Writing – Whether creating mammoth outdoor works of art or drawing a hopscotch to skip the warm summer evenings away, chalk is a wonderful way to bring colour to your usually dull driveways. Better still, the inevitable summer rain will have a valuable role to play in the days that follow. Grab your Giant Chalks here.

  20. Go to the Seaside – One of the greatest benefits of living on an island is that it is never too far to the seashore. Whether building sandcastles, skimming stones, or speeding your way through a fast-melting ice cream, summer is all about magical memories, and nothing beats the beach when it comes to the best summer holidays for kids.


For even more fabulous parenting discussions and educational resources for children, pay us a summer holiday visit at our Mini Minds Hub.


With Jaques of London, fun, excitement, and early learning are always close by. So, now that you have all your summer holiday excitement planned out, the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the final bell to ring. Fortunately, you won’t be left asking, “How Do I Keep My Child Entertained in the Summer?”


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