What are Some Fun Summer Games?

The best summer games are ones that can be adapted to any space - An outside space that is. Whilst Jaques are in love with the best of board game excitement, summer is a time for spending time in the sun. So, get gaming ready and join Jaques of London, as we don our shades, slather up the sunscreen and ask, what are some fun summer games?


The Best Games to Play this Summer


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Tennis – What better way to join in the ace fun being had at SW19, than by joining in with the rally revelry of Wimbledon? Tennis is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family members. Whether taking on the singles challenge or doubling up for some mixed madness, tennis doesn’t just mean fun in the sun, but can also help youngsters build motor skills whilst learning basic number skills – now that adds up to a whole lot of excitement!

Target Games – Take aim for the very best in summer sun. Our collection of target games are sure to bring precision to your outdoor play. Whether setting your shot in the back garden or targeting an improved aim during your holiday travels, quoits, target ball, hoopla, kubb and the watery wonder of our tin can alley game, are perfect ways to meet the goal of summer fun.

Badminton – Bring centre court to the backyard, with the tranquil sophistication of a game of early evening badminton. Far from chasing down head raising volleys and panic inducing overhand smashes, badminton is a wonderful way to engage in gentle exercise, whilst making the game of tennis more accessible to new players. So, whether playing with halfcourt kids or front court forefathers, badminton is one of the best summer games to keep the whole family smiling.

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Rounders – When it comes to fun, the playground rarely gets things wrong. Rounders has remained one of the most popular school game for years and is the perfect way to while away the long summer days. Better still, as a non-contact sport, the game is perfectly safe for players of any age. So, round the bases and be sure to hit a homerun of family fun.

Giant Games – As you all know, we love a board game session here at Jaques of London. So please forgive us for bringing the indoor family fun into the summer sun. Our collection of “Giant” board games brings the parlour to the backyard. Whether stacking giant dominoes, building towering giant Jenga tumble towers, or sliding down the endless slither of our giant snakes and ladders board, our giant games are sure to send spirits soaring high.

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Clock Golf – Looking for a hole in one of summer fun? If the golf course seems a fairway away, why not bring the putting pleasure closer to home, by bringing

golf ball glory into your own garden? Line out your putting points with the roman numeral clock numbers and dig a small hole that your ball will hopefully be disappearing down again and again. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, Clock Golf is the great equaliser of sand trap skills. So, make summer gaming excitement par for the course and play a mulligan whenever boredom threatens your next shot.

Volleyball – Whether home or abroad, standing upon garden grass or beach sands, volleyball is always a good reason to pull on your swimwear and prepare to tip summer games entertainment over the edge. For such a vast game, volleyball is incredibly easy to set up. Knock your poles into the ground, hang your net and get ready to spike your team to victory.


A Summer of Fun

With so many ways to have fun this summer, you could be forgiven for praying that the sun will never disappear. So, being typically British, we all know the need to make the very most of the hat wearing guy in the sky.

Thankfully, you won’t be left pondering ‘what are some fun summer games?’ anymore. With Jaques of London Summer Excitement is only ever a click away. For more great ways to spend the summer months, come rain or shine, stop by the Mini Minds Hub, your one stop shop for endless fun and early education.

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