What are 10 Safety Rules Your Child Should Know?

Keeping our children safe is one of the top duties of parental responsibility. Our family business revolves around a love of raising young people to enjoy the best time of their lives, with as few scratches and scrapes as possible. So, join Jaques of London as we ask, ‘What are 10 Safety Rules Your Child Should Know?’


Know the Emergency Number

We are all amazed when a mini medic takes to the phone in an emergency. Making sure that your child understands the importance of the services available will help them navigate their way through any family scares and turn them into a hero in waiting. Whether wrangling with robbers, fighting fires or dialling for doctors, 999 is a friend to even the smallest of superheroes.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Children are blessed with the innocence of trusting adults. But it is important that they understand that not all adults are as kind and friendly as their own personal carers. So, keep your parental policies simple when it comes to strangers – Do not speak with anyone you don’t know. If you are spoken to, explain that you do not speak to strangers. And, should you ever feel unsafe around an adult, be sure to raise the alarm with volume as your protective pal.   

Know your Name, Address and Telephone Number

Sometimes, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. By practicing important contact details with your child, you can both be comforted by knowing that any problem can be solved with a quick phone call. Having a back-up number ready for a grandparent or trusted friend will add extra assurance. Better still, ask your child to carry a tag with the details printed and be sure to always keep it in a safe place about their person.

Stay Away from Sharp Objects

We all know to ask for an adult when using scissors, but that advice alone doesn’t cut it. Jaques have broader advice for you and we aren’t telling you for the shear fun of it. Make sure that your children know that, when it comes to any sharp object, they should always seek assistance from a grown up. So, make sure that plasters stay in their pack for as long as they can, and heed this extra piece of advice: Never run with scissors, they should always be stationary.

Flee a Fire

We all know that fires are incredibly unpredictable. Trying to fight against fire may seem like the heroic thing to do. But let’s leave that to the true heroes and keep ourselves safe at the same time. There are some mistakes that you can’t learn from. When it comes to fire, safety always comes first. If your child is at school, you should also ensure that they know the schools fire safety procedures. So, extinguish the dangers of fire today and make sure your little flames know to always flee a fire.

Always Wear a Helmet when Riding a Bike

Children may not handle the idea of wearing a helmet. In fact, they may become wheely annoyed about the idea. But cycling helmets are proven to be incredibly successful in preventing the injuries caused by low-speed impact. The Child Accident Prevention Trust are big supporters of the need to always wear a cycling helmet – Simply put, wearing a helmet is one of the best safety tips for a child to take.

Always Chew your Food Properly

All carers know to keep their little learners safe from small, swallowable objects. Babies and toddlers will always seek to investigate new objects by putting them in their mouths. However, as children develop, it becomes equally important to keep them safe from the potential chocking hazards of food. Thankfully, this dinky danger can be easily negated by making sure that your children know to always chew their food before they swallow. Now, with this matter resolved, you only have to worry about instilling a love of greens… Good Luck!

Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online is one of the top safety tips for children navigating their way through the tech savvy world of the 21st Century. No one wants to play internet investigator 24/7, but setting clear guidelines for your child’s online activity is a great way to ensure that their online space is as safe as possible. Make your child their own personal firewall by informing them to never share their personal details online, never to interact with people outside of their own personal web world and, above all else, should they ever feel unsafe or unsure about someone they speak to online, to always tell an adult they can trust.

Know the Green Cross Code

Why did the child cross the road? To get safely to the other side. Perhaps not the best of punchlines, but certainly true. The RAC Foundation is keen to point out the dangers associated with road traffic, and making sure our children are cautious around cars is one of the best ways to ensure that our children stay safe. Follow the words of the Green Cross Code and "Stop, Look, Listen, Think".

Make Your Own Decisions

Peer pressure is one of the major hurdles of childhood. Believing in our own instincts and refusing to follow the crowd is one of the best ways to stay clear of trouble and kick danger to the curb. Of course, this is easier said than done, so what can we do to help our kids make the right decisions? At Jaques, we stand by the principle of ‘Stop and Think’. This simple phrase can guard children against their own exuberance and desire to join in, ensuring that the next time they play, safety will be a natural playmate for everyone to get along with.


Now that you are armed with 10 of the best tips to keep children safe, get outside to enjoy the incoming sun and revel in the reliability of happy, healthy and, above all, safety smart kids.

For even more parenting tips, child activities and teacher created learning resources, why not swing on by to the Mini Minds Hub. Just be sure to get there as safely as possible.

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