What Games do Kids Play at Parties?

When it comes to throwing a pint-sized pleasing party, the best party games are a must - But just what games do kids play at parties? Well, keep reading and Jaques of London are sure to show you how to compliment the cake, prepare the presents, blow up every balloon and throw party games worthy of the very best in piñata popping kids’ parties.


The Best Games for Kids Parties


Pin the Tail on the Donkey – This is one party guest who is sure to be glum by the end of the fun. But no need to worry, he needs his tail back and there are plenty of equestrian enthusiasts who are sure to be ready to pin with party pleasure. With a donkey drawn upon a large board, blindfold each player in turn, and, with pinned donkey tail in hand, take it in turns to try and get the tail as close to the target as possible. The player who gets the closest wins.


Musical Chairs – What celebration would be complete without this must have party game? Ring your chairs into a circle and make sure there is one less than the number of players. As the music plays, players must run around the chairs and then, as it stops, try urgently to claim a seat. Remove a chair with each round until there are only 2 players and one seat left. The last player sitting is the winner.


Blindman’s Bluff – We have all ran our way around the school yard in the name of tag success. But imagine if the lights were turned out. Be sure to clear a large and safe playing space, because this is one children’s party game that is sure to blind with its brilliance.  One player is blindfolded and given the chance to be “It” for the round. They are then tasked with chasing other players and touching them to pass on the sightless scourge.


Burst the Balloon – Before blowing up the millions of kid’s party balloons that are set to challenge even Olympic swimmers, be sure to fill some with a few tasty treats. The players must take their pop-tastic chance to sit and jump on top of the balloons until they find their party favour success.


Pass the Parcel – Imagine musical chairs, without the mayhem. Well, that is until the wrapping starts to get down to single layer. For those who are desperate for an extra gift, pass the parcel is one of the vert best children’s party games to play. As the music plays, children pass the parcel around the circle, stopping to unwrap a layer of paper every time the music stops. Just be sure to pop some extra goodies between each layer, or there may be more than one party pooper amongst the pack.


The Memory Game - Bring educational excellence to your mini mind merriment and make little learning fun. Place 20 small objects onto a tray and cover them up, remove the cover and give every player a small amount of time to glance around the tray. Cover everything back up. The player who remembers the most items is declared the winner.


Treasure Hunt – Party pirates prepare to hunt for hidden treasure. X marks the spot for victory, so pass round the shovels and get digging for the very best in kids party fun. Just don’t expect the local prawns to provide any treasure hunting help, they are very shellfish.


Giant Outdoor Games – What better way to declare yourself the giant of party throwing, than by making every one of your littlest guests feel like titanic trailblazers of fun. Our very own giant games are a wonderful way to make this the biggest party yet. Whether sliding down amazon sized python in our Giant Snakes and Ladders Game, or tumbling cloud sweeping towers with our Giant Jenga Tumble Tower, when it comes to throwing the best children’s birthday party, bigger is better.


Birthday Print Out – When it comes to keeping kids busy during a party, never overlook the power of pencils. With our Free Children’s Birthday Party Activity Pack, pint-sized partygoers are invited to colour, crack codes, make their way through mazes and even more. Try adding little prizes to each sheet and party brains are sure to spring to life.


Now that you have answered the all-important question, “What Games Do Kids Play at Parties”, you are all more than welcome to pull on your party hats, pop out the poppers and join a Jaques celebration anytime.

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