What Games Can You Play Indoor and Outdoor?

Family Fun, Come Rain or Shine!


With the summer sun sharing its boredom busting beams with us all, there is no better time to take advantage of the month of Staycations. Local travel is all the rage and the British Isles is a hot-spot of outdoor adventure. Sadly, as any true Brit knows, the sun can be a fleeting visitor at best. So, join Jaques of London, as we keep family fun time at the top of summer priorities, no matter the weather, and ask, 'What Games Can You Play Indoor and Outdoor?'


Be sure to stay around until the end to find out how to take your last chance to be part of our fabulous half-term competition.




Buy Giant Dominoes

Giant Games


With such a legacy in family games, Jaques have always been proud to stand on the shoulders of giants when it comes to teaching the world to play. Fortunately, there are more than enough gaming gargantuans that are as suited to BBQ coals as they are to downpour dodging inside retreats. When it comes to creating magical memories, we refuse to do things by halves. Fortunately, with our Giant Games collection, you won't have to climb a beanstalk to discover the jumbo joys on offer. Whether dominating Giant Dominoes, duelling with Giant Dice, towering above the competition with Giant Jenga Tumble Towers or enjoying our very own creation of Giant Snakes & Ladders, giant games are BIG when it comes to finding the perfect games for outdoor and indoor excitement.



    Ping Pong


Buy Ping Pong Set

With Wimbledon right around the corner, there is never a better time to better your backhand and hit an Ace. But what to do when the game is suspended due to rainfall? Fortunately, it doesn't take seven minutes to pull a roof over our centre court of competition. We know that the best way to keep the rally going is to move the net. With Jaques Ping Pong Sets, all you need is a table to declare game, set and match over the worst of weather delays. Pre-empt the forming clouds and get to the baseline of weatherproof play, with our Original Ping Pong Set - Table Tennis revelry, come rain or shine.



Buy Quoits Set


Take aim, because the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains, although ours is

far less predictable. Quoits tasks shot takers to hit their ring toss target with precision and skill. Whether outside or inside, quoits has a long history of basking in pub gardens sun and roaring indoor fires alike. So, get your orders in, with a lemonade for the kids and a sure-fire way hit the spot on an unforgettable family Staycation.



    Hide and Seek


Ready or not, here we come! Weather take note, we are play ready, no matter the forecast. This timeless childhood game cares not for sun or rain, only that you hide with camouflaged consideration, and seek with investigative intent. Sunny skies invite playful pups to seek out blind-spot bushes, whilst a showery summer may send you inside to concealing cupboards. So, make the weather man an invisible foe – Hide in hail or Seek in Sun – The weather can never ruin our fun!





If lighting strikes, take your strikes indoors. But don't feel that you need to be

Buy Skittles Set

pinned to the living room when blue skies beckon. Bowl weather worries into the gutters and stay in the lane of unforgettable family fun, with the perfect game for playing indoors and outdoors. Skittles tasks players with knocking down pins and knocking out the competition. So, the next time you feel bowled over by black sky blues, bring skittle fuelled sunshine indoors – the perfect way to brighten up any family Staycation.





For even more fabulous education resources, put your sunglasses on and take a stroll over to our brain building Mini Minds Hub. Oh, and of course, we promised a special competition, didn't we? For your chance to win over £75 worth of fantastic family fun, pay us a visit on Instagram or sign up at the Jaques Competition Page. We’ll be the ones building sandcastles and eating ice cream.



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