DIY Slushies Recipe

How to Make Your Own Slushy Drinks at Home

Can you imagine a world in which you could make your own slushies at home? Well, thanks to Jaques of London, that world is well and truly within your frosty grasp. Our DIY Slushy recipe couldn’t be more easy or more fun! So, prepare for sensational slush and get ready for tastebud teasing ice-capades with Jaques.


Slushies in a Snap

No need to worry about messy stains, as this magical slushy making recipe is guaranteed to keep any mess neatly tucked away in your zip-lock bags. No need for blenders, so your walls will be juice free. So, be sure to invite the kids to join in with the slushy making session, as this clever little hack is a visual treat, with a slushy wonder of icy excellence slowly appearing before your eyes.


What Do You Need?

First off, you are going to need your favourite juice. We recommend picking a vibrant coloured juice to bring your slushies to life. Of course, if you want to healthy things up, be sure to pick natural juices. But any drink will work.

The juice goes into a small Ziplock bag and is placed inside of another Ziplock bag with salt and ice in. 5 minutes of vigorous shaking, and you are ready to enjoy a delicious icy treat – The perfect cooling drink for the summer.

Slushy Recipe



2 Ziplock bags

3 tablespoons of salt

1 small glass of juice

Approximately 30 Ice Cubes



1. Mix the ice cubes and salt inside of a large Ziplock bag.

2. Seal the juice inside of a smaller Ziplock back.

Remove all the air and secure tightly.

3. Put the juice bag inside of the bag with the ice and salt.

4. Shake vigorously until the juice has transformed into an icy slush.

5. Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy with a straw.


With your ice cool drink in hand, why not try out some more of the wonderful recipes to be found amongst the resources on offer at the Jaques of London Mini Mind Hub?

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