What is the Best Chess Set to Buy?

Father’s Day for the Chess Enthusiast Dad


Father’s Day brings with it the last-minute panic of what to get the dad who already seems to have everything. You’ve bought socks, slippers, jumpers, hats and shows. Now that dad is running out of body parts to cover, why not bring a touch of sophistication to Father’s Day proceedings and join Jaques of London, as we look forward to the best paternal present giving day and ask, What is the Best Chess Set to Buy?


For your chance to be a check-mate and win your very own chequered championship, hold your position until the end of our blog for more information on how to enter the king of competitions and win a selection of wooden vehicles to keep the kids entertained while dad enjoys a much deserved breakfast in bed.


Travel Chess Sets – Who said chess has to stay in an 8x8 grid? When it comes to mastering the king of games, there is never a bad time to power through the pawns, outwit the queen and declare yourself ruler of rooks! That’s why Jaques recommend a Mini Travel Chess Set to bring your very best moves to planes, trains and automobiles. Our own travel set is complimented by a storage case to ensure that, whether home or away, every day is a chess day.


Folding Chess Sets

The game of chess is written into the history of Jaques of London. So, what better way to indulge in traditional tactics than with a book style folding chess set? When it comes to finding the very best chess set for you, easy storage may be top at your list of pawn pushing priorities. Our premium, hand carved foldable chess set is a marvel of endgame engineering, with the board itself doubling up as the perfect safe place for each carefully crafted piece. Better still, with its’ felt, anti-scratch interior, pawns will stay pristine and bishops will shine with brilliance, for years of diagonal delights.


Luxury Chess Sets

Looking for a chess set to turn heads? When it comes to experiencing the king of games with suitable regal opulence, Jaques of London are here to luxury to your line. Our luxury board game designs were first gifted to Queen Victoria over 100 years ago. Crafted in beech, oak and mahogany, many of our presentation chess pieces are part of a highly limited run. So, buy your Deluxe Chess Pieces now to bring the beauty of classic design into the home and own a piece of chess history.


Compendium Chess Sets

Eager to knock out two pawns with a single queen? Then a compendium chess set may be the best chess set for you! Adding a touch of variety to your gaming proceedings, these special sets feature multiple family games to be played at your leisure. When the tactical tension of chess is at peak, delight in a game of draughts, bask in backgammon or check out checkers.


Staunton Chess Sets – One of the greatest achievements at Jaques of London, the Staunton Chess set was designed by our own hands in 1849 and continues to stand as a testament to our love of the game. When it comes to pristine play, the Staunton Chess Set is the design most synonymous with spectacular artisan craftsmanship. First created in 1850, Elgin Marbles’ famed pieces were to be considered as the physical embodiment of the games’ sophistication. First British Chess Champion, Howard Staunton, was so taken with them, that his name was to be adorned upon the pieces from then on. For a timeless chess set built to last, look no further than Jaques of London’s Staunton Chess Sets.


Family Chess Sets – Getting more bang for your Bishop bound buck is a must when looking for the very best family chess sets. At Jaques, we always like to keep check on all future chess enthusiasts. In fact, we have been hard at work on teaching the world to play this fantastic game for over 150 years. Chess sets for children provide wonderful learning experiences for developing minds, with vital skills in memory, problem solving, strategy and logical thinking.


Novelty Sets

Inspiring the youngest of players to sit before the chequered board may be a difficult task. For some, its’ sophisticated aesthetics can create an instant barrier to pint-sized players. When in doubt, always look to add some fun to any chequered challenge. With novelty chess set designs, children are far keener to make their next move. Whether holding the back line with Lion Kings or pushing pottering wizard pawns, you are sure to find the perfect set to unleash the next generations chess philosopher.


For your chance to win some wooden wonders this Father’s Day, get your engines running and speed along to the Jaques of London Competition page now.


With so many fantastic chess playing options available to players of all ages and experience levels, there has never been a better time to make your move. So, join Jaques of London. When it comes to asking, ‘what is the best chess set to buy?’, we will never leave you in a stalemate.



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