What is the Best First Pet for a Child?

Thinking about getting your child their first pet? Prepare to be excited! When it comes to the wonderful world of animals, it can be easy to get carried away. But, if you're thinking of introducing a furry friend to the household, you want to make sure that they are going to pay their way and keep up with the chores. Okay, maybe that is wishful thinking, but there is certainly a lot to consider if you are bringing a new pet into the family. Join Jaques of London as we look into lizards, figure out felines and make a decision on dogs, and ask, What is the Best First Pet for a Child?


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Every dog has his day, and if you decide to bring a pretty pup into the family homestead, you are likely to be barking with excitement. Dogs truly are man's best friend. But are they suitable for boys and girls? For both good and bad, bringing a dog into your home will have a big impact. Smiles and laughter are guaranteed, but it would be wrong to avoid talking about the huge responsibilities you have now inherited. Dogs require regular walking and will take a big bite out of your monthly expenses, whilst vacation time will require you to bear your home-alone hound in mind. But, we don't want to be cranky canines. If parents are up to the challenge, a dog will bring endless enjoyment to every member of the house. A dog is for life, and we wouldn't be without them! Be sure to research the best dogs for children to own as first pets and get ready for plenty of woofs under your roof.




Cats make for incredible companions, just like dogs. But, unlike dogs, they are more than happy to take care of themselves when it comes to getting exercise. They do however form incredibly close bonds when they feel comfortable in their new home and will go on to happily entertain themselves throughout the day. Of course, it is important to remember that cats, like their canine comrades, are not cheap. Vet bills, food and pet insurance should all be considered. But, if you can't shift the feline fascination, a cat may just be the purr-fect choice as a first pet for your children.


Hamsters and Gerbils


Big things come in small packages! When it comes to the fun, affection, and responsibilities your child will get from these little lovelies, this is certainly true. Gerbils will usually require like-minded company (another gerbil), but hamster are more than happy with their own company. As such, some hamsters play up to their loner persona and can be less fond of being touched than gerbils. However, both are a wonderful way to give your child manageable responsibilities, making these rodent rascals a perfect introduction to life as a pet owner.




Our favourite nose twitchers are sure to appeal to any bantam bunny lover. Rabbits are highly social animals, so will be happy interacting with young children. As a first pet for kids, your rabbit would also be very grateful for a house free of other animals. Rabbits can be difficult to keep, and will potentially grow quite large, so space is a must. But, with a good hutch and outdoor run, a rabbit makes for a hare-raisingly good addition to the family. Better yet, children can get involved in cleaning out the hutch – Or play with their new best friend while you take care of that.





Reptile rascals may revel in the idea of having their very own mutant turtle, but reality means scaling great heights when looking after our cold-blooded buddies. Not only do you need to know how to keep their living environment stable – this means dealing with temperature, humidity, and water levels regularly – you will also have to expect to be comfortable with creepy crawlies, their main food source. If you are happy to lend a hand, the lizard life could be for you, but we recommend slithering away from the reptiles as a first pet.



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There is nothing like buying a first pet for your child. Their initial excitement will go on to turn into a unique and special relationship with the animal world. So, what is the best first pet for a child? One that will be loved, treated responsibly, cared for correctly, and be affordable. Whatever first pet you choose, we hope that they bring furry fun and Pawsome times to your home.

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