How do you Teach Children about the Natural Environment?

A year of indoor irritation has made us appreciate the summer sun more than ever, and with mini Eco-warriors emerging with more and more environmental endeavour, our children have never been more curious about what the environment is and why we all have a duty to care for it. So, join Jaques of London, as we swing the doors wide open, breathe in the fresh air and ask, How do you Teach Children about the Natural Environment?


Get Outside

It may seem like the most obvious of environmental endeavours, but getting to experience the great outdoors is essential for instilling children with a love and appreciation of all things bright and beautiful. Young children often connect and appreciate that which they have experienced the most. By exposing our children to everything that is so special about nature, they will grow naturally curious about how important the natural environment is and the importance of caring for it. From vital animal food chains, to learning about the Lifecycles of Plants, seeing really is believing.


Learn Nature Facts Together

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction, and when it comes to the wonder of the natural world, nothing could be more true. From birds that mimic sounds with pitch perfect accuracy, to the spectacular eruptions of volcanic structures, facts about nature are sure to have future animal activists scratching their heads in fascination. Make sure your children know just how amazing the natural environment is and spark their environmental investigation today.

For even more environmental excitement, why not give our Plant Riddles a try to get mini minds working overtime for a true course of environmental education.


Rally the Recyclers

Recycling is one of the simplest, yet most important things we can do as individuals. We all learn better by doing, so it is never too early to get your children involved in recycling activities at home and in school. Knowing is half the battle, so start your recycling rascals early and they are sure to develop a deeper understanding for why it is so important that we scrimp on the waste and give mother nature a much-deserved hug. Pop away the plastic, collect up your cardboard and govern your glass, with your very own printable recycling resource for kids.


Bring Nature into Your Garden

Learning about the importance of nature don't require an African adventure or jungle jaunt. Intrigued by insects or curious about creatures? Fortunately, there are no end to the mini miracles that pay a visit to our gardens each and every year. So, why not turn your garden into the perfect retreat for our favourite flying friends? Having the right collection of plants is a great starting point, with honeysuckles, foxgloves, and lavender as popular amongst brilliant bugs as they are for us glorious garden seekers. Kids can also take the chance to learn about the lifecycle of plants with their own Growing Plants Printout – pruning perfection for the environmentally intrigued.

Once your guests have arrived, why not check them in for a longer stay? Bee Hotels are a fascinating way to get an insight into the important role insects play in life, whilst the ability to see their full life cycle unravel outside your home will have kids buzzing around the brilliance of the natural world.

Another un-bee-lievable idea for you – Why not set up a bird box or bath in your garden to keep an eagle eye on winged wonders? Weather through majestic song, nesting nurture or flying fascination, birds are a soaring success when it comes to instilling a love and appreciation of nature.

So, make your garden a welcoming home for all creatures great and small, and make nature a natural marvel for the smallest members of your own household.


Play Outside

Playing science teacher may seem like the ideal way for your child to learn about how the great outdoors plays such a vital role in our lives, but at Jaques, we like to teach the world to play. By making the outside world one of fun and excitement, children will approach nature with a greater positivity, ensuring that they value it that much more. So, put the beakers and goggles to one side and revel in the excitement of the sun, sea, sand, rain, birds, trees, and everything that makes outside play such a memorable part of any happy childhood. Of course, for the best outdoor games to accompany your environmental enlightenment, look no further than Jaques of London.


Look to the Stars

There is more to the environmental awareness than our own planet, and nothing brings the importance of the world into perspective like looking up to the stars. From the flow of the oceans to the motion of the weather, the planets have a fascinating impact upon our everyday lives. Sparking this thought in pint-sized planet ponderers is a great way to bring their thoughts closer to home. To begin your moon mission today, blast off for the Mini Minds Hub and get your free Moon Tracking Diary to see how impactful the moon cycles really are.


Be an Environmental Artist

Mother nature is a master of creativity. So, why not follow her lead and give your child an artistic journey through the beauty of the great outdoors? Over at our environmentally savvy Mini Minds Hub, we are happy hosts to a wide range of garden craft activities:


  • Try our spectacular Spring Jars tutorial to bring the natural world indoors for everlasting enjoyment.

  • Plant Your Own Garden and watch it grow to curate a lasting curiosity for nature.

  • Print out a tick-sheet for your own Mini Beast Hunt and keep an artistic record of every beautiful bug in a sun-loving sketchbook.


Bring out your child's creativity with the magic of nature – The perfect way to teach children about the beauty of the natural environment.


For even more outdoor fun and educational resources, pay a planet protecting trip to Jaques Mini Minds Hub – Your number one source of all things bright and beautiful.


With the fate of the planet in their growing hands, it has never been more important to instil a love and appreciation of nature in our little learners. So, how do you teach children about the natural environment? Open up the beauty and wonder of nature, and you are sure to spark a curiosity that will stay with them for years to come.



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