How Do You Prepare for Sports Day?

With summer on the horizon and school sports day preparing to couple eggs with spoons, there is no better time to get ready to face the competition. So, join Jaques of London, as we don our bibs and pose the all important question of, How Do You Prepare for Sports Day?


Get Proper Sleep – The Monday morning blues is evidence enough of the importance of sleep in our daily lives. However, its significance is far reaching and the solution doesn't always lie at the bottom of a coffee cup. A study into the importance of sleep in growing children, by Southampton University, found that “Poor sleep quality impairs immune responses and pain tolerance.” Be sure that your child gets a good 8 hours of sleep a night to ensure that they are at peak performance on the big day.


Eat & Drink Correctly – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food and drink is a given for any aspiring athlete. Unfortunately, fast energy drinks are far too commonly used when it comes to making the body feel alert. They may seem to be the solution to PE problems, but are packed with caffeine and sugar, whilst even causing long-standing issues to the body when habitually sought out. So, stay away from the quick fixes and begin a new foundation in food now – your body will thank you in the long term and, in the short term, you will never be closer to winning your next race.


Stretch those Muscles – Sleep, food and drink all play a big part in our bodies ability to repair itself. Even sports day dynamos need to prepare their bodies correctly. Proper stretching not only provides a safeguard to tender muscles, but also helps to improve issues with posture, flexibility and bone misalignment. For some fantastic stretching guides, pay a visit to the paediatric prowess of


Dress Appropriately – Many parents will tell you that they still experience the anxiety inducing dreams of turning up for school sports day without their kit. We suggest PE primed by ensuring that your sports kit fits properly and is suitable for the task ahead. Whether that means spikes for the football field or a sun blocking cap to keep the sweat away, knowing that your kit is in order will get you that much closer to the finish line.


Practice at Home – We all know the saying, practice makes perfect. So, why not indulge in competitive cliches and get plenty of practice in ahead of school sports day? Whether linking limbs for a three-legged trial, or maintaining a healthy food balance in the egg and spoon race, Jaques of London are here to wave you home. Our Sports Day Activity Set has everything you need to make sure that your child is a step ahead of the competition. And, if not, they can always blame it on a poor sack buddy.


For even more sports day fun, pay a visit to the Mini Minds Hub for your FREE Sports Day Crossword Printout - The ideal way to keep minds as healthy as growing bodies.



The lanes have been marked out, orange slices cut and the weather man assures us that there is plenty more sun on the way. By seeking out the all important question of, How Do You Prepare for Sports Day, we are sure that there will be plenty of medals and trophies in your future.

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