What Skills Can Children Learn from Games?

Games are more than just fun and laughter, they also provide kids with a wonderful learning experience. Whether rolling the dice with boredom busting board games or soaking in some vitamin joy with a summer session of outdoor play, there is no end to the benefits of play. At Jaques, our mission is to teach the world to play, so join us, as we ask, ‘What Skills Can Children Learn from Games?’


Valuing Practice

We all know that practice makes perfect. The more we do something, the better we seem to get at it. By playing games, children are excitedly exposed to all the possibilities and procedures of improvement. As adults, many of our beloved hobbies and interests have been formed since we were children. By playing and improving games, we are able to take greater enjoyment from taking part. This can also assist greatly in improving confidence and inspiring further participation in new activities. So, start playing today and begin a lifelong journey of joy.

Social Skills

Interacting with others is an essential part of life. From childhood to adulthood, we develop much of our personality and understanding of the world from those we interact with. Playing games provides children with the chance to communicate with their peers in unique ways.


It’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part. Nobody likes a bad loser. By playing team games and entering competitive sports, children learn how to adapt to defeat, whilst also winning with grace. Whether in a dominoes duel or battling with boules, loss should not come with excuses and victory should not lead to boastful gloating. So, get your kids involved in games now and make play about fun, whatever the result.

Lessons in Letters

With little learners always looking to take the next studious step, games can provide wonderful literary lessons. Whether becoming a wizard of words or a leader with letters, there is a dictionary worth of bookish brilliance to be found from the best educational games. Spelling games for kids are a fun way to bring wordplay to developing minds. So, take the first steps to author authority for a lifelong love of letters.

Numeric Knowledge

Fortunately, its not just letters that are given an a-b-c dose of f-u-n. Number games take the difficulty out of digits and add to the excitement. Number games for kids not only introduce the concepts of maths to mini mathematicians, but also make arithmetic awesome. So, don’t divide on fun, multiply an intrigue for learning, and experience the fascination of playing games with figures.


The best teams always stand upon the shoulders of little giants. Playing games can provide children with the opportunity to discover and develop their confidence. Some children are natural leaders and participating in play with others is a great way to unveil this much valued trait. Whether taking charge of game rules, inspiring board game buddies, or setting strategies to power through the family puzzle, let little leaders rise, with the skill building power of play.

Problem Solving

All our favourite games present us with challenges to be conquered. From the digital dexterity of games such as Tiddlywinks, to the strategic struggle to line up Four in a Row, games teach children to adapt to tasks and battle their way to gaming genius. Developing a natural ability and affinity for problem solving is something that expands to adult life. Just be sure to remember the important lesson of sportsmanship when your parental problem becomes how to win against the kids.


With so many skills to be learned, you could be forgiven for thinking that games may not be fun. Fortunately, at Jaques of London, that will never be the case. So, round up your gaming gurus and settle in for a session of learning and play. So, the next time you ponder What Skills Can Children Learn from Games, we promise to be your professors of play, with games made for the happiest of children.
For more exciting ways to keep the kids entertained and educated through play, look no further than the Jaques of London Mini Minds Hub – Your number one source of early learning resources and activities.

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