There are multiple benefits of children engaging in sports and exercise. Children develop the ability to play with others – ‘collaborative play’. They will have the confidence to interact with their peers and meet new people. They will make friends and be able to communicate with a wider range of people.

Children will improve their listening skills and ability to absorb and retain information. They will learn to follow instructions carefully and understand the importance of following the rules.

There are numerous health benefits for children who play sports. Studies suggest that playing sports supports good vision. Children will also develop strength, agility, and general high levels of fitness through regular exercise. Moreover, sports help children to maintain a healthy weight.

In terms of mental health, exercise is proven to be beneficial. Children who engage in sports tend to be more self-confident and have a valuable outlet for pent up emotion and frustrations. For all ages, sport is a healthy distraction from everyday life and the challenges it can present. Meeting new people and socialising regularly is beneficial for all ages and sport is a fantastic way of doing so.

Sport helps to develop and improve motor skills. Kids develop strong coordination and the ability to make precise movements during game play.

Most importantly, sports are FUN. There are so many different sports out there and it is important for your kids to try different ones until they find one or two that they absolutely love! Some children may not like fast paced, larger team sports like football, but they might love tennis which is played in smaller groups!


Must Play Sports Day Games

Check out our ideas for hosting your very own family sports day!

Egg & Spoon Race

Beanbag Race

Sack Race

3 Legged Race

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Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.