The best Educational toys for kids are not only a fun way to play, but they also provide parents with a fantastic way to instil kids with a love for learning from the earliest stages of child development. So, join Jaques of London as we learn a little bit ourselves about the very best educational toys and the many ways in which they propel kids to a brighter future.

Montessori Toys – The Montessori method of child education has not only made its way into the classroom, but has also become a key way for parents to help children develop at their own learning pace from home. The ethos of self-directed play enables children to develop their own keen interests, becoming more instinctively invested in the way they play, and the rewards they can gain from it. From building blocks for toddlers, to artistic endeavours for pint-sized painters, the auto-education approach of Montessori toys plays upon the natural, sponge-like brains of mini minds, and ensures that, when it comes to gaining a love for little lessons, Montessori minds are at the very front of the queue.

Building Toys – Budding builders are always keen to stack for success and pile for prosperity. Fortunately, building blocks are some of the best educational toys for toddlers, with fine motor-skill development instantly boosted via natural play. As with any architectural endeavour, wooden building blocks also provide youngsters with a safe, self-directed way of boosting key analytical skills. Understanding the need for balanced stacking to stop tumble towers collapsing, also provides a conclusive lesson in cause and effect. So, for one of the best practical educational baby toys, look no further than the brilliance of blocks.

Spelling Games – A love of literature begins with the littlest lessons in letters. Letters become words, words become sentences, and sentences become entire worlds of fantasy and imagination. It’s never too early to write your child’s future with basic letter recognition, whilst spelling games ensure that they keep climbing the literary ladder.

Phonics games also serve as the ideal introduction to the sound of language. Having become the most popular way to invite early learners into the world of reading, phonics develops a basic understanding of the sound of letters and the relationships they form with each other to develop new sounds and new words.

Maths Toys – Just as letters build language, numbers form the foundations towards strong analytical skills, enabling pre-schoolers to begin their lesson in problem solving. An understanding of numerical patterns enables children to develop important spatial awareness. Recognising shapes and patterns also begins with this understanding of numerical parameters.

Of course, there is so much more to numbers than adding and subtracting. Children develop an understanding of more and less, shorter and taller, wider and narrower. Such concepts may seem simple to us, but of course, we use these in our everyday life to understand and analyse the world around us. Maths makes the world make more sense. So, get your little learners sum savvy today with the very best maths games for kids.

Board GamesBoard games have played a key role in the rich heritage here at Jaques of London. Fortunately, their educational benefits extend just as far as their ability to cause an argument or two during the more competitive games. In fact, playing with others and learning how to adapt to winning and losing is one of the first things we learn when playing board games together. This not only develop a competitive edge and pursuit of victory in younger player, but is also known to boost social communication skills and aide emotional development.

Of course, cognitive development is also aided through the strategic thinking often involved in winning any tactically minded board game. Whether hunting down the king to declare checkmate in a game of chess, or dodging the blocking put in place to prevent your best efforts to Score 4, board games ensure that when it comes to learning, playful fun is always close by.

Outdoor Games – As we all know, a healthy body builds a healthy mind, so getting our kids out and about is an essential part of their early development. Outside play develops motor skills, whilst boosting cognitive and social growth, but the leisurely lessons don’t end there.

Outdoor exploration encourages children to use their imaginations. Whether climbing a swashbuckling pirate’s rope ladder or swinging between the jungle trees with your own trapeze bar, outside play really is a trip through the wild.


When it comes to finding the very best educational toys for toddlers, there is no end to the vital lessons that play can bring. At Jaques, all our toys are treated to a special dose of school magic, with our own onsite teachers directly involved in the design of every single toy and game.

For even more educational excellence, pay a visit to our Mini Minds Hub, where FREE educational resources and activity blogs are sure to keep brains growing and little learners fully motivated by the power of play.

Kate Luke
Head Of Brand
After graduating with a 2.1 Music degree, Kate pursued a career in the Music Industry, becoming a professional West End vocalist and a fully qualified Music Teacher, School Choir Leader and Songwriter. As one of Jaques of London’s Creative Editors, her specialism surrounds building confidence and expression through music & play—drawing upon her qualifications in Music Psychology & Child Development. As well as this, she is an accomplished blog writer and published journalist who enjoys promoting the importance of Montessori learning for all ages.
Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.
Jess Casson
Marketing Assistant
Jess graduated from the University of York in 2022 with a degree in Sociology and Criminology; kickstarting her career in the creative marketing industry through content creation and social media management. One of these roles involved creating content for a children's holiday camp, which alongside a knowledge of Montessori Teaching, formed an interest in childhood development. Utilising her expertise in both these fields has allowed her to promote and share her passions with the online community while exploring her talent for writing and establishing collaborations.
Laura Henderson
Interior Designer
Interior Designer, Laura Henderson, lives in Surrey with her husband and two daughters. Taking a timeless approach to her designs and drawing on her love of colour, antiques, art, modernist furniture and photography she delivers luxurious compositions and peaceful sanctuaries within every space. Her previous experience in furniture design plays an integral role in the development of each of her projects, as does the time she spends getting to know her clients. She uses this to achieve beautiful, practical, reimagined layouts, resulting in projects that enhance a client’s lifestyle, reflecting their individual passions. To learn more see her website

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