How Do You Keep Your Pet Safe on Bonfire Night?

How can we keep our pets safe during the upcoming firework displays? Bonfire Night promises fantastic fun for family members of all ages, but it can be a stressful and dangerous night for our furrier friends. Join Jaques, as we discuss the many ways to keep our pets safe and sound during the firework festivities.


Keep Pets safe on bonfire night


How to Make Indoor Pets Feel Safe on Bonfire Night


Batten Down the Hatches

Pets of all sizes are such astonishingly bright creatures and learn to rely on the comfort and safety of their home to make it through the more stressful nights of the year. With sweaty pawed panic potentially setting in, it is important to ensure that our pets are secured in the house early on. So, bring in the litter trays, close your windows and doors, and make sure that all escape routes and dog/ cat flaps are well and truly shut down for the night.

Black Out

Fireworks are certainly a scintillating sight for the eyes, but the bright sparks across the night sky are something out of the norm for our nocturnal animal friends. Pulling the curtains and blinds can offer pets that extra level of security and separation from all the excitement going on throughout the night.

Give the Bed a Boost

Bonfire night is a time of treats and excitement for the family, so why not indulge your pets with the same comforts. Turn their bed area into a den of complete seclusion and isolation. Whether adding an extra blanket, buying a few tasty treats, or adding to their ever-growing toy collection, giving your pets that extra bit of attention is a sure-fire way to make bonfire night less scary and more snuggly.

Distractions Galore

Forget the usual calls for turning the volume down on the television. Instead, music and background TV noise is a great way to help pets to adapt to the louder than usual sounds coming from beyond the four walls of the house. Just be sure to shy away from any veterinary programming – Your pets will thank you.  

Calmness All Round

Remember, our pets are incredibly sensitive creatures and react to the emotions that we, as owners, send out to them. As such, it is always important to remember to stay calm during the bangs and explosions coming from the night’s outdoor festivities. Plenty of cuddles and calm voices are a guaranteed way to make your pet enjoy Bonfire Night as one of the more blissful experiences of their year.


Keeping Outdoor Pets Safe During Fireworks


Many of our outdoor pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, are used to spending much of their time in outside hutches. Offer them an extra dose of security by ensuring that all hutches are moved to an inside location. An extra thick blanket will also help to muffle out some of the excess noise of the night, whilst creating a warm and safe feeling spot for them to rest.

Hiding Places

Extra bedding is a fantastic way to ensure that our outdoor pets have extra places to escape to, should they get scared during any local firework displays. Something as simple as an extra bundle of hay and straw may seem like a little thing to us, but will make a world of difference when bunnies are bouncing for safety.


So, now that we have some coping mechanisms to keep our pets feeling safe and secure in their own homes, we here at Jaques of London hope that you all enjoy a wonderful night of marshmallow cooking, Guy Fawkes burning, firework exploding excitement.

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