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November is all about our 225th Birthday!

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Forces & Fun

For Science wiz-kids, they might be interested to know that...

When Albert Einstein’s ‘Theory of Gravity’ was first published (in 1915) Jaques of London were already 120 years old!

Children of school age will learn that a 'force' is a push or a pull and that include Earth's gravity! It’s key for kids to understand how the world works around them. After all, gravity is the pulling force acting between the Earth and any other object, like with our Drop & Race Car Toy. This educational toy will provide them with hours of play and teach them these fundamental principles of the universe.

Wheely Great Toys

This toy car park is ideal for independent and collaborative play. Your little ones can spend hours taking it in turns to race cars down the winding ramps or use the toy garage as a prop in role play or play setups. Collaborative play teaches kids to take turns, play nicely with one another, develops patience and communication skills.

Our toy car for kids set has lots of benefits and can be used as Montessori Toys. Children can explore scientific ideas, such as forces and gravity, through playing with this quality toy for boys and girls. Your little learners will develop an understanding of the world around and will become curious about key parts of daily life, such as vehicles and travel.

Teaching the world to play since 1795 - We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards of customer service and we put genuine love and care into the design and development of our toys and games. With over 220 years of customer happiness, you can buy from us with complete confidence.

Kate Luke
Head Of Brand
After graduating with a 2.1 Music degree, Kate pursued a career in the Music Industry, becoming a professional West End vocalist and a fully qualified Music Teacher, School Choir Leader and Songwriter. As one of Jaques of London’s Creative Editors, her specialism surrounds building confidence and expression through music & play—drawing upon her qualifications in Music Psychology & Child Development. As well as this, she is an accomplished blog writer and published journalist who enjoys promoting the importance of Montessori learning for all ages.

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