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D.I.Y Obstacle Course

Kids love an obstacle course! A traditional and super fun activity which has been much loved for generations. 

The aim  of an obstacle course is for individuals or teams to navigate a series of physical obstacles. Obstacle courses can be timed for an extra challenge and may include running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing activities. It is a fantastic way to test speed, resilience and agility. But, ultimately, an obstacle course should be fun! 

There are many benefits physical activities have on childhood development. Obstacle courses can help to develop stamina, resilience, physical strength, balance and coordination. Physical activity is also fantastic for boosting self-confidence. 

We have compiled some ideas for both a traditional obstacle course and water themed obstacle course. 

Our ideas are not exhaustive and there are plenty of other ways to create your obstacle course using objects you might already have laying around the house. 

Here are our ideas. 

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