As part of our 225 celebrations, we have been taking a look back in time to key events to measure just how long Jaques of London have been creating games and making memories. When London Zoo was first opened, Jaques of London had already been in business for 33 years!

This fact has provided the inspiration for this blog post. We LOVE animals at Jaques of London and ensure that our products are made from sustainably sourced materials as well providing eco-friendly packaging. What’s not to love?

Zoos are committed to looking after animals and make conservation at the heart of everything they do as well as extensive research into an endless range of animals alongside habitats, how we can protect the planet and look into ways of preventing and curing a range of diseases. As well as the important and ground-breaking research that zoos carry out, they make for a fantastic family day out. Your little ones will love seeing all of the animals! Moreover, kids will be keen to know more about animals and how we can look after them.

ZSL (London Zoo) is one of England’s most popular zoos; unsurprising given it is in the heart of our country’s capital city!  They also have a sister zoo called ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, which houses fantastic animals, including elephants.

Here are some facts you might not know about ZSL London!

  • London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo, opened in 1828.

  • Dotted around the grounds of London Zoo are a number of precious, listed buildings.

  • London Zoo was the first place in the world to breed the Lake Oku clawed frog which is an endangered species.

  • The extinct Dodo has very few relics, including in artwork. However, London Zoo houses a rare life painting of a Dodo showing off its tail feathers.

  • In 1865, an African bull elephant, calld Jumbo, came to be homed in London Zoo. Jumbo was the inspiration for the adjective ‘jumbo’, found in the English dictionary, which means very big!


We discovered these amazing facts on London Zoo’s blog 10 Things You May Not Know About ZSL London Zoo’.

With another lockdown due from Thursday, we understand that it can be difficult to keep your kids busy and free from boredom. Here are some animal themed activities for you to try with your little ones!

Animal Word Search

We have created an animal themed wordsearch for your little learners to have a go at! This activity is perfect for aiding word recognition as well as spelling.

Animal Colouring

Simply print out this activity and let your kids loose with colouring pencils! This is a great way to boost creativity and helps colour recognition.

Spot the Difference

We have created a downloadable spot the difference game. Your kids will see two images and they will need to identify what is different about them! How many differences can you spot!?

At Jaques of London we have a growing range of animal themed toys! Below, we have linked our favourite animal toys and  games for you to browse.

Established in 1795, we are an 8th generation UK family business, based in the beautiful Kent countryside. Customer happiness is our top priority and we work hard to design toys and games packed full of educational and developmental benefits.

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