Bonfire Night Checklist

Bonfire Night is an evening of scintillating smells, incredible sights, and unforgettable family memories. So, here at Jaques, we have made you a handy checklist to make sure that the flames stay lit, and the fireworks keep popping.

Bonfire Night Check List for Fireworks Night

Firework Night Essentials

Hats and Gloves

As Autumn makes its way into winter, the chilly season is well under way. Keep your extremities warm with the cuddliest, woolliest hats and gloves. 


The excitement is sure to fizzle out without plenty of sparklers to go around. From writing names to creating scintillating displays of shape and colour, be sure to keep every smile beaming with your own pack of sensational sparklers.

Hot Drink Flasks

Comfort in a cup is sure to beat the winter chills. So whether tasting teas, sipping soups or heating up with hot chocolate hugs, be sure to pack your favourite family flasks for when the light show begins.

Extra Snacks

Don't let hunger top the high explosives. Make sure that the biggest rumbles don't come from hungry tummies, by bringing your own selection of snacks.  

Heating the House

After a cold night out, nothing is better than coming home to a warm home. So, set your timers and bring the house to the perfect welcoming temperature for when you arrive home. 

Spare Change

Whether a penny for the guy or slightly more for a selection of candy floss, hot dogs, and rocketing refreshments, don't forget to bring some extra cash along for a night where you can expect to get more BANG for your buck.


Once the fires are extinguished and the squibs have gone damp, make sure to have a handy torch to light your way back home. 

Wellies and Wipes

With the British weather always eager to wet every whistle, keep feet warm and dry with your sturdiest winter wellies. A pack of wipes is always a must to get you out of any sticky situation... We're looking at you Candy Floss.


With your checklist ticked off and everyone wrapped up warm, you are already for the perfect night of flickering fires, toasted marshmallows and fizzing fireworks. For more Bonfire night tips and activities, look no further than Jaques Mini Minds Hub - The place where little smiles with light up the sky.

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