What Are The Best Toys For 2-Year Olds?

When it comes to finding the best toys for 2-year-olds, there is a toddling torrent of options available to parents. So, how do we know that we are making the best choices? Pint-sized play and early education should go hand-in-hand, so take our own guiding palm, as we look at the key factors to consider when buying the best toys for toddlers of all playful persuasions.

Problem-Solving Toys 

The joy of toys for early learners, revolves around their ability to engage with a challenge and solve it through playful experimentation. Miniature minds revel in the chance to understand how things work. So, here at Jaques of London, we place great significance in allowing children to discover through play. The best problem-solving toys revolve around this same Montessori Toys Method. Whether fitting shapes into the right holes, arranging differently sized objects, or perfecting puzzles, presenting toddler challenges is a perfect early-step towards inspiring confidence, curiosity and inquisitive play.

Motor Skills Toys 

As we learn, we are constantly informed by our senses. Few activities are as important to young learners as the sensory feedback offered by carefully designed motor skills toys for toddlers. Handling objects allows children to engage more thoroughly with the world around them. Such sensory benefits can be seen in many of the wonderful offerings in the Jaques of London Let’s Play range. From building block collections to our wooden monkey stacking game, touch and tantalisation slot together for endless educational enjoyment.

Wooden Toys 

225 years of historic toy and games crafting has taught us one vital lesson, wooden toys are a must! A gift from nature, wood remains the grandfather of all toy-making materials. As a staple of childhood construction, wooden toys are perfect for pint-size players and come with key benefits for parents also (they're just so easy to clean!). At Jaques of London, our wooden toys are produced with high quality, FSC approved materials. In doing so, we ensure that your toddler’s toy collection will stay fresh, safe, bright and engaging, with even the most committed of terrible-two aficionados, struggling to bring damage to their favourite mahogany masterpiece.

Role-Play Toys

Engagement is vital for giving beneficial fun to toddlers. With such vibrant imaginations, a world of dress-up and role-play, promises that an infinite number of fun adventures lay ahead. A pretty princess, an animal adoring zoo-keep, a little chef, a dinky DIY-er? Dress-up days are the perfect way for your mini-me to discover new ideas, whilst playing the part themselves, for a truly interactive learning experience.

So, when it comes to early play, there is always room for learning and experimentation. Both are so closely tied into our philosophy of discovery through exploration. We invite you to share our ethos of infant entertainment at our Let’s Explore play area. Together, we hope that we can make searching for the best toys for 2-year-olds, as easy as ABC.

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