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Summer Holiday Outdoor Games

Following on from our Summer Holiday Indoor Games blog, we have chosen 3 fantastic outdoor games which will entertain your little ones for hours!

Outdoor play is essential to childhood development. Kids will develop the following skills...

- Ability to follow instructions. 

- Ability to play in teams. 

- Increases physical stamina and strength. 

- Improves physical and mental health.

- Digital resilience - time away from the screen!

- Self confidence. 

- Awareness and curiosity of nature and the great outdoors.

Game 1: Rounders

An absolute classic summer game! Ideal for all ages. Click here to download a reminder of the rules. 

Game 2: Quoits 

A traditional garden game which has been much loved for generations. A combination of accuracy when throwing and mathematical skills, this is an ideal game to entertain kids and grown ups alike! Instructions available here.

Game 3: Kubb

Kubb is a  traditional game, originating in Sweden. A fun and competitive game - instructions available here