Family Fun with Indoor Games This Autumn

Autumn is officially here! The leaves are turning to beautiful shades of orange and red. The nights are drawing in. The weather is losing humidity. Boots are coming out of wardrobes and preparations for pumpkin picking are in place.

With the majority of traditional autumn events, such as Trick or Treat, Halloween Parties and Bonfire Night gatherings, being cancelled we decided to share with you our top games for family fun indoors this autumn.

 So, gather some treats, your family and settle down for a family games night with Jaques of London wooden toys and board games.



A classic table game suitable for all the family. Close generational gaps by involving the entire family in this traditional game.

As well as being a great way to ensure your games night is all-inclusive, dominoes develop key skills for your little learners such as basic counting skills, number recognition, the ability to follow instructions and developing the ability to play alongside others.


This game involves problem solving skills, reasoning, and logical thoughts in order to plan movements.
Your little ones will develop the ability to think ahead and pre-empt the moves of other players. All key life skills!


Snakes & Ladders

A timeless family game which promotes counting skills, concentration, turn taking and exercises fine motor skills with the precise hand movements needed to pick up and move the playing pieces.

Tumble Tower
At Jaques of London, we sell a wide range of Giant Jenga Tumble Towers. These range from Giant Tumble Towers over 5ft tall during game play to animal themed tumble towers! This is a fun game for all the family that requires problem solving skills, the ability to plan your own movements and pre-empt the actions of others. Concentration and a steady hand are key to success!


Four in a Row

Suitable for 2 players, the objective of 4 in a row is to make a consecutive chain of 4 counters to win. This game involves problem solving, planning ahead and careful analysis in order to execute the winning moves.



We sell a range of backgammon sets, ranging from travel backgammon games to luxury sets. This classic game involves thinking ahead, planning movements and utilises problem solving skills.


Liars Dice

An ideal game of chance, prediction and luck. The game involves making reasoned judgements about the numbers displayed on the dice hidden inside your opponents cups. Liars Dice will also help your kids to improve their knowledge of number and estimation; a key skill in primary education.


Board games and traditional table games have many developmental benefits for your kids. These benefits include…

  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Turn taking.
  • Accepting wins and losses gracefully.
  • Logical thought and reasoning.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Problem solving.
  • Patience
  • Resilience
  • Confidence to try new things.
  • Numeracy skills, including counting and simple addition and subtraction.


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