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How to Thank a Teacher on ‘Thank a Teacher Day – 2021’

Wednesday the 5th of May brings with it a very special day for all children, parents and guardians across the country – Thank a Teacher Day 2021! The value of top tutors and excellent educators has never been more obvious than during the past year. Stay at home kids made for the emergence of parental professors, and we all came to learn of the many challenges associated with educating our children.

So, Jaques of London have added rhyme to reason, as we say a special thanks to all the teachers who continue to bring our children the very best in academic awesomeness!


Thank a Teacher Day 2021


Mrs Price was very nice.

A teacher with such good advice.

And yet, for all she did to help.

She would not stand for thankful yelps.


For Mrs Price did not need praise.

This wasn’t just a simple phase.

“When you’re grown, you’ll see in me.

A teacher for eternity”.


She never wanted to seem rude.

And ignore all the gratitude.

Yet, in the gaps, when time allowed.

She couldn’t help but feel so proud.


For all the lessons learnt and heeded.

Success was all the thanks she needed.

A healthy child, a happy face.

Were all the cheers that she would chase.


The bell has rung, and school is done.

The schoolyard screams with endless fun.

The thanks she took, as you can tell.

Is that her pupils all felt well.


So one last message, before we leave you.

Here’s a little teacher review.

For all they do, teaching the nation.

They’ll always have our appreciation.



So, how can we say thanks to teachers? A bottle of the bubby? A crate of chocolate? Great choices, no doubt. However, for a teacher, a message of appreciation comes best from the heart. It comes best from our little learners. A few simple words can mean so much. So, maybe today would be the ideal time to remind our own academic aficionados to give our teachers a well-deserved boost for the day, with a small message left on their desk:


  • You are my favourite teacher, because…

  • Your lessons are the best, because…

  • Thank you for helping me to learn…

  • Thank you for your hard work!

  • You inspire me!

  • You made me feel comfortable at school.


Thank a Teacher Day is the perfect chance to give a nod to nurture and applaud academic advancement. Join Jaques of London, as we say, “Teachers, thank you so much!”

Mark James
Creative Content Editor
After graduating with a 2:1 in Media, Mark set about establishing a highly respected online reputation as an extremely accomplished freelance copywriter and SEO expert. Having assisted with the launch of many successful start-ups, Mark has developed a strong knowledge in formulating and further developing brand identities across a disparate array of industries. In doing so, he has played key roles in the ongoing success of marketing campaigns, SEO strategies and online content management, for hundreds of different clients. As father to an adorable little boy, Mark discovered a passion for child education. Having found vocational vigour in offering free music lessons to children, he now hopes to lend his creative flair to Jaques of London, helping to promote the importance of early-learning through discovery and play.

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