Tin Can Alley Game - Family Game Set Fun Garden Game for All

Our Tin Can Alley set comprises of real tin cans and beanbags; everything you need for game play!

Multiple benefits – this game allows your child to improve their hand eye coordination and throwing skills. Through playing this game your child will improve their accuracy when launching the beanbags through the air to knock the cans over! A fun and traditional game which promotes physical fitness, strength, and accuracy – what is there not to love?

Fun for all the family – Adults and children will love this game. Older generations will relish the nostalgia of this game whilst teaching younger generations the rules. The perfect opportunity for screen free fun!

Rules of the game:  

Stack the cans on a table or a garden wall. You should have four cans in the bottom row, three on top of the bottom row, then two cans and one at the very top.

Make a line on the ground with twig, string, or whatever you have to hand. This means that everyone knows where to stand when launching the beanbags. If multiple age groups are playing, you may want to make several lines; one further away for the older players.

 The rules can be amended as you chose. For example, you can create a penalty system for those that are just too good.

Select somebody to act as scorekeeper and take it in turns to throw the bags at the cans.

Each player gets three throws.

 After each player’s turn, jot down of the total score of all three throws – one point per can.

You can play this game as individuals or in teams. When everyone has had an equal number of goes, calculate scores. The player/team with the highest score wins!


Cans: Maximum Measurements of 10cm High x 6.5cm Diameter
Bean Bags: Approximately 10cm x 10cm


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