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Worried your child is growing up too fast?

In a single generation, the time our children spend on real play activity is down by over a third as the use of screen time increases.

The impact is childhoods are shortening and essential experiences for learning and development are being restricted.

The Anti Screen Revolution has been set up to empower you as parents to build a little more digital resilience and inspire you to make real play a real priority.

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Why Real Play Needs To Be A Priority

Your family is a unique mix of crazy, noisy chaos, it's real life. It's not something curated and styled like we see on television and through social media, and neither is real play.

The benefits of real play for our children include:


Real play is proven to boost children's imagination, creativity and problem solving abilities.


Through the powers of real play you can help keep your children active, inspired and engaged with the world around them.


Real play helps to shape your child's values, build their confidence and improve their social and language skills.

The benefits don't stop there! They extend to you too, because big kids and little kids alike, we all need real play to feel inspired, connected and most importantly happy.

Our Mission For The Anti Screen Revolution

Our mission is to support families to create healthier habits with technology through the magical power of real play.

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You Can Make a Positive Impact on a Childhood Today

The anti screen revolution is a campaign to bring families and friends together, to help inspire you all with activities, days out and exclusive offers to help increase your quality time with one and other.
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Join the Revolution

Simply sign up to the Anti Screen Revolution and every month we will send you a tool kit for a fun packed month of quality family time.

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Share your real play moments on #AntiScreenRevolution

Win Prizes

Every month we will pick a real play success story winner who will receive a bundle of Jaques of London gifts
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