If somebody asked you what the most popular Halloween decorations are, you would probably include pumpkins near the top of the list! A carved pumpkin with a candle flickering inside is the quintessential Halloween accessory. Halloween might be a little different this year but we believe you should still dig out your costumes and celebrate indoors with your family. 

Pumpkin carving is a FANTASTIC family activity. Stock up on pumpkins and have a family competition to see who can create the best Halloween design! Here are some pumpkin carving ideas...


BUT, a pumpkin is for life... and not just for Halloween! 

Did you know...?

- The pumpkin is in the same family as the cucumber. 

- The idea of pumpkin carving was started by the Irish who used to carve turnips. 

- There are over 50 different types of pumpkin. 

- Pumpkins come in a variety of colours; not just the stereotypical orange!

- Pumpkins have medicinal properties. 

Pumpkin Recipe Ideas

As well as making an amazing Halloween centre piece, pumpkins are also lovely to eat. Ideas include...

- Pumpkin pie

- Pumpkin soup

- Pumpkin risotto

- Pumpkin spice scones

- Pumpkin cake


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