What Are Some Fun Educational Games?

Fun and learning are made for each other, and at Jaques of London, we believe that the most rewarding educational experiences come through getting our kids actively engaged in all that they do. So, let’s get two giggles from one tickle, and take a look at the most fun educational games for kids of all ages - Made to widen their smiles, as much as their brainpower.

Fun for Little Learners

The smallest smarties are primed for learning. At Jaques of London, we take a keen approach to the Montessori Method as the perfect way of encouraging toddlers to engage with the world around them. So, what better way to inspire experimentation, than with our very own discovery building blocks.  Crafted with the vital input of teachers and parents, this sensory sensation is loaded with early-learning wonder and Montessori Toy Magic. Whilst encouraging problem solving, the bright and engaging blocks stimulate little minds to explore, creating the perfect jumping-off point for tiny thinkers.

Shapely Study

You can’t build without knowing your shapes. So, why not take your child on a visual adventure that is sure to broaden their horizons, with the Let’s Learn Shape Patterns Geometry Set. Packed with 24 different shape cards, this wonderful educational game for children is the ideal starting point for teaching colours, shapes, languages and spelling. Of course, once the kids are familiar with their shapes, they can begin crafting their own unique geometric joys. When it comes to finding the best fun educational games for kids, releasing their creativity is shaping up to be an ideal learning pattern.

Shut the Box

Shut the Box and open your direct route to educational entertainment. Of course, once you have completed your task, we can’t guarantee that your little dice devils won’t want to open it up time and time again. Proving that fun educational games for kids have been around for centuries, this 19th-century classic is the perfect way to bring class time to collaborative play. Whether engaging younger players in basic numeracy or tasking more accomplished challengers with learning addition and number bonds, this is one box bursting with the excitement of education.

Puzzle Promenade

Pick up your pieces and prepare to dance a family jig. Our wide range of jigsaw puzzles are calling all fingers to go in search of that missing piece. Whether puzzling prehistorically or adventuring into a jigsaw jungle, all our puzzle designs are bright and engaging, whilst being approved by parents as the perfect educational game for children to get stuck into. From cognitive skills to emotional development, pint-sized puzzlers are in for a parade of academic accolade. Just be sure to search the sofa for any missing piece.

The Free Fun Factor

The best things in life are free and Jaques of London is no exception. Our Mini Minds Hub is bubbling over with fun learning resources. Immediately available to print, we add new content every single week. So, whether struggling through Sudoku, or forming silly sentences with minuscule mouths, motivate your own mini minds, without breaking the bank.

So, when it comes to finding the most fun educational games for kids, we are happy to announce ‘Game Over’ on your scholastic search. By providing your children with an exciting and engaging route to education, they are sure to revel in a world of discovery and learning. For more spectacularly fun games for kids, look no further than our own Let’s Learn range, readymade for a brighter future.

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