Alice in Wonderland Themed Picnic

This final blog in our celebration of National Picnic Month is about organising a fantastic themed picnic party with garden games. It is the perfect activity for socialising (at a distance) with your chosen bubble of family and friends.

Kids will love getting involved in organising a themed picnic. Plus, it will help children to develop communication skills and experience the thrill of working hard to pull off a truly wonderful event.

Jaques of London have historic links with Alice in Wonderland. As you may, or may not, know Jon Jaques II invented Croquet in 1851. The original illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland were created by Sir John Tenniel in 1865. Sir John Tenniel was commissioned by Jon Jaques II in 1851 to illustrate our original Happy Families characters. It is undoubtable that Sir John Tenniel’s links with Jaques of London inspired his illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. Therefore, we have decided to help you plan an Alice in Wonderland themed picnic!

Alice in Wonderland Food and Drink Ideas

It wouldn’t be an Alice in Wonderland themed picnic without jam tarts and an assortment of quirky-looking food! Here we have compiled ideas for creating your Alice in Wonderland food and drink!

Alice in Wonderland Decorations

We have chosen 3 different decoration ideas for you to try. Simply click the title of the decorations you would like to learn more about.

1) Fun labels for your food and drink.

2) Sign posts for the garden

3) Fabulous flowers

Alice in Wonderland Garden Games

No picnic is complete without some fun and games. We have compiled a short list of 3 Alice in Wonderland themed games which are perfect for all the family. Click here to download our top 3 suggestions. 

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