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ADHD Awareness Month 2020

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is experienced by children and adults all over the world.
The aim of ADHD Awareness Month is to raise awareness of the condition as well as removing stereotypes and stigmas attached to ADHD. There is a wealth of resources and support available for anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD and those who have yet to be diagnosed.
ADHD Europe work tirelessly to support people with ADHD as well as raising awareness and conducting research into the condition. They believe that people with ADHD have equal rights to access appropriate support and treatment for condition. They also collaborate with other organisations when conducting research.
During childhood, the symptoms of ADHD are ‘well defined’ according to the official NHS website. The symptoms are generally apparent before the age of 6. The broad symptoms of ADHD include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and acting impulsively. You can find out more about the symptoms of ADHD on the NHS website.
At Jaques of London, we are passionate about children having equal opportunities to succeed regardless of medical conditions, personal background and any other factors. ADHD Awareness Month is the perfect time to show our children that people with differences enjoy great achievements.
Famous People with ADHD:
Adam Levine
Justin Timberlake
Paris Hilton
Michael Phelps
Solange Knowles
Richard Bacon
Rory Bremner
Louis Smith
We are working to develop toys and games packed full of benefits for all children. Two of our newest products are fantastic for your little ones who may have ADHD or SEN.
Sensory toys are ideal for children with special educational needs. There are a range of ADHD and autism toys available. But sensory boards have proven success particularly for children with special educational needs. The aim of sensory toys is to introduce kids to new experiences gently and calm them down in stressful situations. 
Our Let’s Learn Discovery Blocks are designed to stimulate the senses. The included blocks develop sight, sound and touch. The sounds created by the blocks are soothing. When used together, the blocks can calm and sooth children as well as stimulating their senses.
You can view our full range of educational toys as well as outdoor games and puzzles which may be of benefit for your kids.


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