5 Fun-tastic National Science Week Activities

National Science Week Activities for the Whole Family

British Science Week soars into orbit on 5th March 2021. Break out the beakers and turn the Bunsen burner to max, as we take a look at 5 of the most exciting science week activities to make every day a celebration of science. Matter matters and chemistry counts, so keep reading for more resources at the end of the blog.

Fusing Facts

The wonderful world of scientific discovery proves that sometimes truth’s stranger than fiction! Research is vital for getting to the route of any problem, so science week is the perfect time to begin your experiments. Whether being blown away by the Big Bang or shocked by Electricity, science is ever expanding. An entire universe of fun facts are waiting to be discovered. Now, get to the lab (your mobile phone) and begin a search for the most bizarre science facts you can find.


Elementary Experiments

Science Week goes hand-in-hand with explorative learning and Jaques are here to help put the cherry on top of the chemistry cake. There is no better time to create some mini Albert Einstein’s of your own. Dabbling in the depths of science will help to develop skills such as problem-solving, so if you want your rascals to create some reactions, pull on your lab coat! Curious kids will be thrilled by our wonderful collection of scientifically scintillating toys and games, ready-made for infant analysts!

Lava Lamp Learning

A visual treat of volcanic effervescence awaits. With just a few magical ingredients, your kids will be in lava luxury, as you enjoy a time-travelling trip to the 70s. Just add alka seltzer, food colouring and vegetable oil to a bottle, and let science do the rest. Groovy, man!


Biology Buzz

The animal world is a bonanza of biology. Nothing excites youngsters quite like learning where their favourite furry friends come from. Science week is the perfect time to turn your garden into a landscape of learning. Just pop a welcoming bee hotel against a warm wall and play honey-host to your new guests. Your children will be able to see visitors come and go throughout the day. Better yet, once your buzzy besties have completed their work, you and the kids can open up the hotel to discover just how incredible biology is.


Make it Rain

No need for a storm in a tea cup come science week, so entertain the kids by making rain inside of a jar instead. It couldn’t be easier. Just add a couple of inches of water to a covered glass jar. After a few minutes (perhaps a rain dance is in order), place some ice cubes on top and watch as you bring the rain inside. Get it right and you may have a mini meteorologist in the making.

For more teacher-created learning resources, please join us at the Mini Minds Hub, it is sure to electrify with excitement! So, whether laughing with lava or revelling in rain, there are no end to the number of amazing National Science Week activities for the whole family to explore—it’s enough to help your little learners truly understand the gravity of great science.

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