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| Amber Gravenell

The Montessori Method: What Will Your Kids Discover?

The Montessori method of education is advocated by teaching professionals around the world. This blog explores the fantastic work of Maria Montessori and provides tips and tricks for creating a Montessori learning environment at home!

| Amber Gravenell

Let's Get Active: Exercise Inspiration for Kids

Whilst adapting to home schooling, remote working and general lockdown life, it can be difficult to make time for exercise. It is vital that children remain active. Take a look to find out why it is so important to keep our little ones moving and for activity inspiration.

| Kate Luke

Houseplants for kids

Houseplants for kids It’s Houseplant Week from the 11th to 17th January—the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the wonder of plants. Kickstart their year by giving them the gift of gardening. National Houseplant Appreciation Day is on 10th January as a reminder to keep our homes green.

| Amber Gravenell

Teacher Tips for the New School Year

Get your kids education off to a flying start in 2021. Look over our Teacher's Tips to help your kids enjoy educational success as well as making learning fun. Jaques of London are committed to education and supporting your kid's development with our firm belief in the power of play and the power of education.

| Amber Gravenell

Jump Start 2021

Happy New Year! 2021 is set to be a bright, promising and cheerful new year. To welcome 2021, we have created some activities to keep the kids occupied in a fun and educational way, which can only have a positive impact on childhood development. Free downloadables and super fun activities for kids; what's not to love?

| Kate Luke

Sustainable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here are 5 Fab Recycled Crafts for after Christmas If you are looking for a fun way to repurpose Christmas packaging and leftovers, look no further. This blog will give you 5 fab waste-free arts and crafts ideas for your little ones to enjoy. Try these sustainable Christmas crafts!

| Amber Gravenell

Christmas Writing Opportunities for Kids

It can be challenging to get children writing... this blog post includes 3 fun activities that will encourage your kids to get writing. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give your kids some inspiration for their writing.

Toy of the Week - Week 12

This bench is a great tool for your tots—pun intended. This beautiful bright wooden bench comes complete with delightful kid-sized wooden tools. These include a ruler, spanner, hammer, screwdriver, and removable screws—all with their own storage cut-out. Each has been lovingly designed by teachers to give a real impression of a construction bench whilst remaining completely safe for imaginative play. 

| Kate Luke

Merry Quizmas Kids

How well do you know Christmas? Take our Kid's Christmas Quiz to find out what Christmas character they are! Your little ones will love this fun festive quiz - an ideal way to spend some evening time together as a family. Merry Quizmas everyone!

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