Jaques Must-Have Family Games

Jaques Must-Have Family Games 

As the oldest toys and games manufacturer in the world we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to family fun. 

Whether you’re hosting a party, having some friends round or trying to impress the in-laws these family games promise to provide good clean fun for an affordable price. While offering a bonding experience for all generations from granny to grandson.

1. Tumble tower 

One of The Independent’s 13 best outdoor toys and garden games this is one of our flagship products. The tumble tower is a firm family favourite and can be used year-round indoor and out.  


2. Chess set 

As the creators of the world-renowned Staunton chess set, we take great pride with every set we produce. Our sets range from high level exclusive collectors’ items to more accessible everyday sets. Whether you’re looking to learn the game or dominate the world stage we’ve got you covered. 


3. Croquet 

We’re the creators of Croquet and to this day handmake all of our sets in our head offices in Kent. Much like our chess sets we sell sets which can cover everyone’s needs and are proud to supply some of the world’s greatest professionals of the sport.  


4. Quoits 

This traditional classic is a great family game based on our original design. Take turns throwing rope hoops to earn the highest score and get some healthy family competition going! 


5. Rummy 

Our top-quality rummy sets are great for rainy nights and family time. Keep your cards close to your chest as you start to rack up points on the path to victory.  


6. Tiddeldy Winks 

Another of our inventions, Tiddeldy Winks is loved throughout the world and originated as a Victorian parlour game. Today it can still be enjoyed with your family across the kitchen table.  


 7. Backgammon 

For older kids this game is a must have. Our top-quality sets are well thought of in the backgammon world and can fill hours of family competition. Built to last these sets are a great gift to be passed down the generations.  


8. Deluxe Score Four 

This is a great game for all ages, seen well used in houses across the UK. This wooden variation of the classic toy is durable, high quality and brilliant fun at the dinner table.


9. Ping Pong 

One of our most famous creations, Ping Pong has risen to become a passion of much of the world. Our traditional set makes a great gift for any lovers of the game, there’s not many sets like this which offer you a little piece of history in your front room.  

10. Dominoes

This well-loved game is another family must have, set up at the kitchen table or in the park to enjoy games which can be played leisurely or fast paced. The options are as limitless as the fun! 

If you enjoyed reading our guide to best help your children learn through play time and want some more inspiration for toys and games to help them. Please click here.

Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.

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