World Storytelling Day Competition


World Storytelling Day gets all the creative juices flowing.

We like to spark even the wildest imaginations here at Jaques, proving that you can tell a story from anything around youfrom a smelly sock to the most exciting toy.

I am sure your little one won’t struggle to find a story prompt to tell, but if they are scratching their heads, we are holding an exclusive Jaques of London World Storytelling Day Competition to help inspire them along the way!  

Fun fact: World Storytelling Day originated in Sweden!  

It is now celebrated around the world by people of all ages and backgrounds. It encourages verbal storytelling, which is where the real benefits for children come into play. Not only does it help develop communication skills, but it also expands vocabulary and fluency! 

So, without keeping you any longer, here are some super storytelling activities.  

1. The Instant Story 

This one will guarantee some giggles and ensure some “out of the box” plots. You have 10 seconds to look around the room and pick 3 random items. After the time is up, you have to make up a story including every item. 

2. Storytelling Jars 

There is something quite lovely about the mystery of a message in a jar or bottle. Why not roll up some sentence starters on some paper and pick one at random to prompt a story.

3. Dress up! 

Every kid loves to dress up! Nothing will spark imagination more than becoming the hero in your own story. Encourage the storyline by asking lots of questions to get thinking. 

4. Visual Storytelling 

While the main theme of World Storytelling Day is verbal, stories come in many shapes and sizes! Why not draw a picture of your favourite story character, or draw your own storyboard? 

5. Jaques of London Competition 

If all this wasn’t enough, take a look at the imaginative toy bundle we are giving away to the best storyteller! Tell us what story you’d create with the prizes to be in for a chance. No story is too big or too small, so let’s get creative! If you really want to impress us, you can attempt to use all 5 in one story! 

With all these ideas to be getting on with, this World Storytelling Day will be far from ordinary.