World Book Day 2021

World Book Day is on 4th March 2021! It is the perfect way for kids of all ages to celebrate their favourite book characters, authors, illustrators, and the joy of reading! We may be in lockdown for World Book Day this year, but it won’t stop us from celebrating here at Jaques!

The theme for this year's World Book Day is ‘Share a Story’. Even though we will be spending this World Book Day at home, encourage your kids to share their thoughts and opinions with you—or even over video chat with other family members or friends!

Book Worm Benefits

If your kids don’t want to dress up, then never fear! Another way that World Book Day is fabulous for kids is because as they are so engaged with the characters, their interest and curiosity in sitting down and reading the physical book increases!

Reading is such an important skill; which kids will need throughout their lives! Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to engage kids in reading, but World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to combat this as it encourages kids to dress up (and sometimes us adults too!) and bring the stories off the paper and into reality!

Reading has so many incredible benefits, it helps with improving and expanding children’s spoken vocabulary, improves creativity and makes them curious about the world around us. You can download our top tips to engage your kids in reading!


Reading & Literacy

Excellent literacy skills will open your little ones up to a world of imagination. A frim understanding of spelling & literacy is sure to help boost their confidence with book reading. Our spelling & alphabet toys are here to help. Designed by teachers, these will help to grow their confidence with learning through fun!

Books can have such a significant impact on our children, inspiring them to engage in the stories, characters, and aids with spelling —and it’s also the perfect excuse to dress up in some fantastic World Book Day costumes! —We would love to see how you’re celebrating

World Book Day, so make sure to head over to our Instagram and tag us in any uploads, we are looking forward to hearing from you! —Also keep your eyes peeled for our exciting World Book Day content!

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