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Why Do We Celebrate Poetry? National Poetry Day 2020

Did you know that today is National Poetry Day!? It is an annual event held on the first Thursday of October every year! That means that National Poetry Day this year landed on Thursday 1st October! What a fantastic way to start this beautiful Autumnal month. 

The day is a celebration of poetry and the power it has to unite people, bringing us together. You can find out more about National Poetry Day on their website.

At Jaques of London, we are firm believers in the power of literature, including poetry. We believe strongly in the power of education. Our toys and games are lovingly designed and developed by former UK teachers to ensure that your little ones are receiving toys packed full of benefits. 

To mark National Poetry Day 2020, we have decided to share with you our favourite children's poem books!

1) When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne

- This poetry book, published in 1924, is simply timeless. Best known for the creation of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, A.A. Milne produced this wonderful poetry book prior to the much loved Winnie the Pooh books. The collection of poetry opens with an introduction called 'Just Before We Begin'. This introduction encourages readers to imagine who they think the narrator of the poems is. Later in the book, we are introduced to the poem entitled 'Teddy Bear'. This teddy bear first appeared in the press in 1924 and was the first appearance of Winnie the Pooh! He was originally named Mr Edward Bear. A charming set of poetry which will appeal to all fans of Winnie the Pooh!

2) Being Brave at Night by Edgar Guest

This poem was inspired by the problem that many children face; anxiety about going to sleep and dreaming of monsters! The poem centres around imaginary battles with all kinds of creatures before the child narrator crawls in to the safety of his parents bed. A very real and emotive poem which demonstrates the security and comfort that parents and guardians provide for their children. 

3) The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear

The poetic story of the Owl and the Pussycat has been retold for generations! It is a poem that never ages and has stood the test of time. It tells a fantastic story of love and the union between two very different creatures. This poem is perfect for inspiring the imagination and creativity within our little ones!

4) Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

The only word to describe this poem is nonsensical! But, pure brilliance! This bizarre and unique poem will tantalise your kid's imaginations. It is completely open to personal interpretation. We strongly believe that there is no right or wrong way to interpret this piece of art. 

5) From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anyone remember the rush of excitement they felt when travelling on a steam train (or electric train!) for the first time as a child? It is certainly a strange experience watching the world flash by as you glide through towns and countryside inside a cosy carriage. This poem by Robert Louis Stevenson encapsulates the excitement and emotions experienced when travelling on the train for the first time as a little one!

We LOVE learning and would love to see your child's poetry! Share it with us over on Facebook or on Instagram @jaquesoflondon 

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