What Wood is Safe for Children's Toys?

When buying toys for children, there are many factors to consider. Are they fun? Are they priced fairly? Are they well made?  As important as these questions are, the most important thing to consider is safety. At Jaques of London, we specialise in the very best in wooden wonders. So, join us, as we look at the different types of woods used by toymakers and ask our wooden whizzes, what wood is safe for children’s toys?

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At Jaques, we use the very best, FSC approved woods in our wooden toy designs. With that in mind, it’s time to unleash little lumberjacks and cry, “Timber”. Let’s stay chemical free and family friendly, with the very safest wood for kids’ toys.



What is FSC Approved Wood?

FSC woods represent the highest standard in responsible forest management. This means that in addition to being sourced in a socially beneficial manner, it is also harvested with environmentally conscious and economically viable methods in mind. No matter the material, it is the FSC that determine the highest quality when it comes to the safest wood for kids’ toys. A non-profit organisation, the Forest Stewardship Council are dedicated towards the promotion and maintenance of responsible forest management worldwide. This means providing the best to today’s generation, without compromising the next. Jaques use FSC approved woods at every opportunity, playing our part in preserving forest land for the people and animals who call them home.

Let’s get to the root of the issue and look at the wood that promises to make your toys good.


Safest Wood for Children’s Toys


Hardwoods – No matter the wood in use, hardwoods are always one of the safest bets for keeping wooden warriors happy for years to come. Simply put, hardwoods are made to last. Whether chewed by toddler teeth or stepped on by seniors, hardwoods are dense enough to take a bite and hurt a foot, whilst remaining fit for future generations to come. Whilst softwoods are less expensive and utilised by some companies for toy production, splintering can make them a danger for smaller items. So, when it comes to knowing what wood is safe for children’s toys, the harder, the better.

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Best in Beech – One of the most common manufacturing materials amongst the different types of safe wood for toys, beech is an incredibly durable material. Better still, it is an eco-friendly option, as an easily replenishable resource that steers clear from the hurdles of endangered peril. European beech is easily accessible and offers the added benefits of being an odourless and chemically irritant-free material. Better still, beech is an incredibly easy material to clean, with a damp cloth vanquishing germs and built up muck, ensuring that playful pups will be greatly protected from any visible and hidden dangers.

Beech is also a favourite of master toymakers – It is a highly malleable material, meaning that it can be bent and cast in a wide variety of shapes. So, whether building blocks or sorting shapes, no child’s toy collection is complete without some beech buddies.

Bet on beech now, with a Shape Sorting Wooden Toy for little learners.


Maple Mastery – When it comes to satisfying child chewers, maple is potentially the safest wood for kids’ toys. Wooden teething toys can be a lifesaver when it comes to defeating the dummy and pacifying the pacifier. Plastic free and finished with natural oils and bee waxes, maple toys and teethers avoid chemical catastrophes, making them ideal for growing gums to be soothed in total safety. Maple’s high density keeps it safe from splintering, whilst its naturally hypoallergenic properties will keep little one’s mouths in perfect working order.


Birch Bonanza – Still a highly durable material, birch offers parents a cheaper toy buying option. Lighter than the likes of maple, birch is still extremely durable, with shock proofing qualities making it ideal for the most boisterous of playtime activities.


Walnut Wonders – Despite being one of the more opulent types of wood for toys, walnut comes with the caveat of expense and potential allergies. Cankers disease has meant that the supply of walnut is lower than ever before, and those with children allergic to walnut, should consider giving this wonderful wood a miss. However, for those looking for a fabulous finish, walnut guarantees the most exquisite appearance.

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When buying for the most important little people in our lives, knowing the safest wood for kids’ toys is a vital issue. At Jaques of London, we refuse to utilise anything but the best materials in the creation of our entire range of wooden toys and games. So, the next time you find yourself asking “What Wood is Safe for Children’s Toys?”, we are here as your number one source for the safest and greatest Wooden Kids Toys in the lumber yard.


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