At Jaques, we love to see children engaged in Montessori toy magic. Learning through play is a wonderful way to instil your child with the excitement, enticement, and engagement of early learning. But exactly what toys will keep a 3-year-old busy? Join us as we explore everything from dinosaurs to dominoes, fairies to fractions and bouncing bunnies to building blocks.

Sensory Engagement

Activity Maze

Early learning is all about our senses. Children’s activity mazes are a sensory delight of labyrinthian lessons and provide children with a visually engaging journey through sight, sound and touch. These toys are particularly inspiring for littluns with special educational needs and are just as suitable for solo or collaborative play. By inspiring a tactile approach to learning, sensory toys are designed to provoke thought and experimentation, whilst also providing many learning opportunities with colour, shapes, letters, and numbers. So, for an A-MAZE-ING trip into sensory stimulation, look no further than Jaques of London.


Magnetic Numbers and Letters

Letters & Numbers

At Jaques, we are always willing to alpha-bet on the value of letters, and are never at odds about the importance of dinky digits. By the age of 3, we may not expect the smallest members of our household to conquer calculus and vanquish all vowels, but they are fully primed to begin recognising shapes and accompanying patterns. Of course, ensuring alphanumeric accomplishments stay on course means keeping mini mathematicians engaged. With Jaques magnetic numbers and letters set, we employ bright, 3d foam letters to build on the sensory excitement that is sure to stimulate the smallest of studiers.


Sort and Stack

The brightest builders all have to start somewhere. Fortunately, wooden building blocks for kids are a fantastic foundation for constructing healthy and happy minds. Put down the dust sheets, because your home is about to turn into a building site of colourful construction.  Diminutive designers adore the process of developing and demolishing, with skills in sorting and stacking being accompanied by lessons in problem solving, shapes, colours, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills. With so many new tools of the trade, your 3-year-old is likely to be build busy for hours of exciting play/


Construction Bench

Pretend Play

Whether cooking up a storm with wooden food play or building dinky DIY skills from your own children’s construction bench, pretend play is a vital part of early learning through experimentation. The ability to role-play allows children to engage freely during their valuable play time. Better still, by engaging in real life roles, children are more motivated to engage with the world around them, whilst also growing their emotional and social development.

Better still, with creative thinking being given the perfect stage for self-expression, their cognitive flexibility is proven to develop at a vastly increased rate. So, roll into role-play and get imaginations sparking today!


Family Fun

Young children love to have others to play with. So, what better way to keep your 3-year-old buddy busy, than by inviting the rest of the family in on the pint-sized play? Co-operative play is a wonderful way to ensure that youngsters feel supported in their play, whilst also teaching valuable lessons about sharing, turn-taking, and sportsmanship. Of course, whether tantalising toddlers with Giant Jenga Tumble Towers or dazzling with dominoes, the littlest learners are sure to revel in the odd victory or two. So, be sure to remember your own lessons in sportsmanship… after all, it’s the taking part that counts, right?


When it comes to keeping toddlers tantalised, variety is certainly the spice of little lives. With Jaques of London’s collection of toys for 3-year-olds, there should be no end to the exciting educational opportunities to be found. For even more Montessori musings, pay a visit to the Mini Minds Hub. Your one-stop-shop for free, teacher-approved educational aids for pint-sized pupils of all ages.

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