What Are the Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers?

There has never been a more important time to get our kids on the move. So, we ask our on-staff UK Teachers, what are the best outdoor toys for toddlers? With school back in session, it's time to help healthy bodies work their way towards healthy minds. So, let’s get to training our toddlers for a bright future of learning and play. 


What Can You Do Outside with a Toddler? 


Take the Indoors Out

With traditional games growing in popularity during the lethargy of lockdown, it is no surprise that so many of us are eager to keep the family tree of entertainment growing well into the spring months ahead.


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! giant board games

I Smell Some Gaming GIANTS to Come...


So, let the lounge meet the lounger, as we bring backgammon to the backyard, with Jaques wonderful collection of giant outdoor board games for kids. Whether towering the tallest ladders or slithering along the slipperiest of snakes, there is no better way to keep tradition alive, whilst catching up on some dearly missed sunshine.    


Garden Funfair


Curl the candy floss and say hello to a new goldfish, as we turn the back garden into the ultimate carnival carousel of fun. This is a wonderful way to theme your toddlers’ outdoor toys and test their throwing arm. Fortunately, your fun fair need not be rigged, with plenty of wins assured for mini carnival competitors. Our Tin Can Alley game is the perfect way to turn parents into carny hosts for the day and cool off in the summer sun. That’s right – throw some liquid leisure into the mix and turn the patio playground into your very own water park.  



Target Ball Brilliance

When considering the best outdoor toys for toddlers, it’s also a good plan to try and get the whole family involved. Put your aim to the test and rack up the pint-sized points, with Jaques of London’s Velcro Target Ball GameGetting toddlers involved in family activities is a wonderful way to encourage cooperative play, whilst ensuring that little hands never get left out. This can act as the perfect prep for school sports day, so keep eggs and spoons on standby and lay out the cones, as we turn the garden into the epicentre of family competition. 


Kite Kings


Nothing beats the soaring sensation that is your first kite flying adventure. It’s time to baby bend to the will of the wind and hope for strong gusts, as we look to launch outdoor entertainment sky high. Wonderful for developing cooperative play and encouraging the entire family to join in the sky-blue bliss. Gift your kids a stronger connection to nature and enjoy the post-lockdown fresh air, with the winged wonders on display at Jaques of London. 





Swing SensationsSwing for Kids

Nothing beats the classics. That’s why Jaques recommend swinging your children into sunny satisfaction, with their very own backyard swing setIdeal for early exertiongarden swing sets are also the perfect outdoor exercise for growing bodies, with rapid development of gross motor skills accompanied by more balanced bodies. Swinging can also be extremely beneficial to children with autism, as the outdoor activity is shown to have benefits for the brain's ability to process sensory information more accurately.  




When asking what are the best outdoor toys for toddlersvariety is the spice of life for playful pups. Keep them involved and invigorated with new and exciting ideas, for the most rewarding and entertaining fun. Now that indoor obligations are defeated, we are sure there will be plenty of outdoor family play ahead, with Jaques of London. 

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