Top 10 Family Travel Games to Play

Top 10 Family Travel Games to Play

Long gone are the days of “are we there yet?” That’s right, no more clock watching, tears or tantrums. These family travel games will ensure your holiday begins as soon as you lock the front door. 


Minature Magnetic Chess
A travel chess set is perfect for maximum fun and minimal board-om. It is lightweight, easily portable and magnetic to minimise the risk of missing pieces. Play in the back of the car, at the airport or on the plane. If chess isn’t your favourite, why not try magnetic draughts or backgammon instead?
Say What you See & Spoken Word Games
These classic boardless games have stood the test of time. Loved by families for decades, games like I spy, the alphabet game, 20 questions and charades are fun, free ways to keep the entertainment flowing and create lifelong memories.
An ideal game for larger groups to play. Uno is fast-paced, colourful, competitive fun that is particularly enjoyable for older children, teenagers and adults.
Travel Solitaire
Travel solitaire is a strategic game that is great for challenging young minds. Increase your child's logic, reasoning and decision-making skills while journeying to your new destination. This board game is lightweight, durable and contains storage for game pieces.
Deck of Cards
Cards are highly adaptable game pieces to have on hand when travelling. No matter how small or large your travel party is, you can be sure there is a card game for all to play. From Spider to snap, even rummy! The possibilities for play are endless if you have a deck of cards!
Travel Scavenger Hunt
Add an extra layer to say as you see games by organising a travel scavenger hunt. Pick out landmarks, colours, vehicles, trees, birds, or anything you are likely to encounter on your journey. Let the family know things to look out for and check them off as you go. Don’t have time to make your own? There are plenty of printables to be found online in just a few clicks!

Rubix Cube
An absolute car travel classic! These fascinating cubes are the perfect travel puzzle to put your brain to the test. Who will figure it out first?
There are tons of fun games to play using simply a notepad and a pen. Test spelling skills with hangman, get strategic with dots and boxes or play quickfire rounds of noughts and crosses.
Shut the Box
A fun family board game that is perfectly compact and highly competitive. Roll the dice and race against the other players to be the first to put down all your numbers.
A game of luck and skill that is great fun for the grown-ups. Cribbage is a game that can go anywhere with you! Slip it into your backpack or travel bag to have on hand whenever the moment strikes.

So wherever your adventure takes you this summer, make sure that travelling is half the fun! Is your favourite travel game on this list? Let us know below!

Ben Williamson
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