Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here are 5 Fab Recycled Crafts for after Christmas

If you are looking for a fun way to repurpose Christmas packaging and leftovers, look no further.

This blog will give you 5 fab waste-free arts and crafts ideas for your little ones to enjoy:

1. Christmas Card Collages

Christmas crafts

Cut out the picture side of any Christmas cards you can’t store.

These are usually bright and colourful – perfect for a collage.

You can either keep these whole, cut out into shapes, or make them into smaller squares.

Use the bright colours to make abstract patterns or use the Christmas characters to create fun scenes—it’s the perfect craft material, one that you will have in endless supply once Christmas is over.

2. Packaging Sensory Board

Wrapping paper art

Why not use unused packaging materials to create a sensory board.

Explore the textures of any leftover materials.

Wrapping paper can be scrunched, corrugated cardboard painted in bright colours and bubble wrap too.

Turn the mundane in magnificent sensory wonders for your kids to enjoy the sense of touch.


3. Tree Snippet Animals

Christmas tree art

Using cuts of the tree to make animal pictures.

The bushy green snippets are a terrifically texturized way for kids to create multi-media arts and crafts.

Just stick the little cut-offs onto some paper and draw around them.

Some ideas for animal characters to make include a hedgehog, reindeer, squirrel, or fox (you can use the snippets for a tail).


4. Branch bird feeder

Tree bird feeder

Your Christmas tree can be repurposed into a brilliant homemade bird feeder. Use the branches out in the garden to hang your bird food.

Kids can even have a go at making their own bird fat balls—you can use birdseed or leftover nuts to mould into balls using melted lard or suet.

This (slightly) messy process is great for kids to get stuck into and will use up any food stocks you had leftover.

5. Homemade New Year’s Cards

Homemade cards

With an abundance of seasonal wrapping paper left over, card making is on the cards!

Why not get the kids involved with making “Happy New Year’s” cards for loved ones and you can use the Christmas wrapping paper cut out into stars for decoration.

These festive finishing touches will make your kid’s cards really stand out and set the tone for the year ahead.

Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.

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