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Story Boxes are a fantastic way to engage your kids in screen-free fun and learning. They are fully interactive and customisable depending on your little learner's interests. We have compiled some ideas for 3 story boxes, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a story box to engage your kids in reading. 

1) Alice in Wonderland story box - Jaques of London have historic links with Alice in Wonderland, therefore it was fitting for us to design a story box around Lewis Carroll's classic novel. 

2) Little Red Riding Hood story box - a classic, much loved, traditional tale that never ages. Everyone is familiar with this fairy tale and it is super easy to recreate with a story box. 

3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story box - Roald Dahl is a legendary children's writer with fun and engaging stories for all ages. We have created a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story box to engage your kids in this classic story. 

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