Paper Animal Craft Activities for Kids

Children adore animals, and it is easy to see why. Not only do they offer an insight into the world around them, they are a great way to help children explore nature too. So, whether your children love buzzing insects, wild beasts or playful puppies, here are some ideas to make animal themed fun arts and crafts for kids. Perfect for family fun at home, with creative and learning benefits that offer totally screen free fun, these kids learning toys are fun to make and (secretly!) educational too.

Bumblebee and Ladybug Paper Roll Crafts

Loo Roll Bee

These cute critters provide creative games for kids and are the ideal way to recycle your old toilet paper rolls. They are easy, simple and eye catching!

Click here to download instruction for this easy and fun craft project!


 Paper Plate Animals

Paper Plate Animals


If your little ones are fascinated by wild beasts, bring the jungle indoors with these paper plate animals. No need for a trip to the zoo, these easy to make animals are the ideal creative games for kids to do at home.

Click here for fully downloadable instructions.


Easy Origami Puppies

Easy Origami Puppies

Whether you are lucky enough to have pets at home or not, these arts and crafts for kids origami puppies are as cute as any cartoon dog. But they are also great kids learning toys and give the opportunity for some screen free fun too. They can also be used as bookmarks, making them a fantastic choice for educational toys for kids.

Here are the instructions for how to make your origami puppies. 


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